A missing councilman is tracked down 6 years later by the “conspirators involved.”

A missing councilman is tracked down 6 years later by the “conspirators involved.”

Councilor Marjane Klein of Bodel suddenly disappeared from Cranendonk Council six years ago. Her party, the CDA, expelled her because she was unreachable. She disappeared without trace and the housing corporation vacated her home with the police, allegedly subletting it illegally. She was tracked down by show creator Kes Van der Speek for his show, “The Scammers Got Close.”

in broadcast On Tuesday evening, it turned out that Klein was living in Egypt. Van der Spiek confronts her: “You left a trail of misery.” The former advisor denies. Van der Spiek confronts her with several people who, in his words, “feel stitched on by her”. She replies, “Why should such a basin be opened now?”

Van der Spiek cites the example of a Spanish woman who says Klein defrauded her of €5,000. The former chancellor was going to do this through a travel agency that she was going to set up. According to the creator of the program, Klein was also applying as a lawyer and psychologist.

In the latter capacity, Van der Spiek’s son makes an appointment with her. And so it comes to a meeting between van der Spiek and the former councilor. Van der Spek says he wants to know how she is now. She replies, “I don’t feel like bringing up everything from the past.”

Research conducted by Omroep Brabant in 2016 showed that Klein was one of the council members who most often did not attend a council meeting. She herself indicated at the time that this was due to health problems. Soon after, it disappeared.

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