A look at ‘gerontocracy’ in America from Zevenhuizen

A look at ‘gerontocracy’ in America from Zevenhuizen

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Zevenhuizen – Last week, Charles Groenhuijsen took his hundred listeners at Dorpshuis Swanla through the tensions in what he calls ‘America’s divided states’ ahead of the presidential elections. His latest book of that name, Dorpshuis Swanla, prompted him to invite the Waddinxveen bookstore burger and library.

The two-hour talk was illustrated with pictures, including Kronhuizen’s favorite cartoon of a neck-and-neck race between two walkers. One for Biden (82), the other for Trump (77), a nod to the ‘gerontocracy’ that characterizes American democracy with elderly and aging politicians.

Pictured with Reagan
Groenhuijsen quickly guided his audience through recent history, but sometimes also referred to the distant past for better understanding. With 23 years of experience as a reporter in the U.S., there were also personal moments like the moment when, as a young reporter, he proudly took his picture with President Reagan.

The speaker also showed emotion; It was about the hardening, the roughness, the pain of vulnerable minorities in America, a country very close to his heart.

Trump’s Biden
Who has the best chance? According to Kronhuizen or Trump, Biden, who is rapidly aging as a president, but is still one of the best presidents in principle, has not won a single election since becoming president and is now known as a criminal. Even die-hard supporters have to be skeptical. “Polls suggest that a small number of voters will soon make a difference,” Kronhuizen told his attentive audience.

During the break of his long speech there was time to sign (newly purchased) books and after the second half of the evening it was time for reactions from the audience.

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