"A large portion of Ferrari has already been vaccinated in Bahrain" |  sport

“A large portion of Ferrari has already been vaccinated in Bahrain” | sport

F1Formula 1 thanked Bahrain’s vaccination offer, but Ferrari would have accepted the call for vaccination before the test days.

The first shots have already been taken in Scuderia, ahead of the test days that begin in Bahrain on Friday. Gazzetta dello Sport wrote that day. The organization of test days and the first race came two weeks later with the proposal to vaccinate the entire field immediately with the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine, in the fight against Corona. “A unique opportunity that provides protection for the Formula 1 participants as well as for our residents,” it seemed at the time. Formula 1 – based in the UK – politely declined this invitation.

The sport did not feel the need to move forward, as the massive vaccination campaign is being launched at a rapid pace in her country. The teams were expected to join, most of which are also located in the UK. But this is not the case, according to the newspaper.

According to the newspaper, Ferrari first consulted the health authorities at the Emilia Romagna home base, and then the racing stable gave the employees the option to vaccinate them or not. About 90 percent of the team at the site, made up of about a hundred people in total, had already had their first injection. Before leaving after the race in Bahrain (March 28), the second shot came in Bahrain immediately.

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The newspaper wrote that Charles Leclerc, who had just contracted the Coronavirus, would not get the shot right away because he was already immune. Carlos Sainz will go for it. Mercedes and other teams like Red Bull Racing don’t seem to immediately ban injection selection, thus giving their employees a free hand.

Operating in a severe bubble, Formula 1 is still turning into a full season after last year’s delay. Despite all the strict conditions, many drivers still have coronavirus. For example, Sergio Perez and Lewis Hamilton missed the races after contracting the virus.

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