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What I haven’t read but was this missile manned? Don’t think so but don’t read anything about it

Until recently, Soyuz was the only way to get people to the International Space Station. Since JAXA included On the International Space Station, it is safe to assume that they, like the European Space Agency, do not have manned rockets. Where would they go if they didn’t go to the International Space Station? The only thing I can think of is that Tiangong space station. However, it is Chinese, and given the relationship between Japan and China, this is unlikely; Only capsules of Chinese soil swamp there. This makes China only the third country (after Russia and the United States, in that order) to conduct manned spaceflight.

to me integration Should I say America has 3 trading companies manned space flight In addition to SpaceX (which can actually get people to the International Space Station), there’s Virgin and Blue Origin that can get people very high and then land them again. Whether SpaceShipTwo is a rocket and whether jumping to 107 kilometers is a spaceflight is another discussion.

rabbit hole:

In the 1980s, JAXA thought developing a manned space plane was a good idea. Like a similar European initiative, the Hermeswhich was canceled in 1997, has also become HOPE-X Officially canceled in 2003. By the way, this space plane will use the same booster It is launched like the Epsilon that was detonated today.

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