A huge mission in Munich awaits Barcelona |  football

A huge mission in Munich awaits Barcelona | football

Against Bayern 8-2, the club that the Catalans still have little of at home this season spade spade yet gave. Knowing that rival Benfica receives the ugly duckling Dynamo Kiev at home. If Barcelona tied in Bavaria and Benfica won, the Portuguese would have a better mutual result also due to the previous 3-0 result.

The power tank has now been filled again under Xavi, and hopes are running in the veins, but only ‘junior luck’ continued against Espanyol defensively. From an offensive point of view, the ball doesn’t want to go in. Barcelona scores only two goals in the Champions League season…

Before the match, Barcelona supporters wondered if Xavi would suddenly face a five-man defense under Koeman. But the coach dared to start a team match that could be decisive with a line of three defenders. Yusuf Demir and Jordi Alba proved to be pure wingers, especially when Barcelona were in control in the first half.

Clement Lenglet, the man who cost Koeman some points last season, is back in the starting line-up, alongside Gerard Pique. Ronald Araujo also started for the first time since October 2, after returning from injury. Knowing that the current Portuguese player number three (only one point from leaders Porto and Sporting Portugal) will enter with one deep striker, Roman Yarmacuk.

crazy level busquets

He symbolized the ostentation that Barcelona supporters have always wanted to see. Xavi relied on his strength at a crucial moment. The crowd, which had turned up in much smaller numbers than expected due to torrential rain, stood on the benches. The team once again radiates the energy that was absorbed in the early months of the season through all the drama that has been played and created around the club. Barcelona once again kept the ball in the team the old-fashioned way, with Sergio Busquets as the big man. The 33-year-old midfielder has reached an astonishing level.

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It did not lead to great opportunities. Memphis was knocked out once, cutting his opponent, but then widened as he should have fired himself this time. The opportunity was missed, but “fortunately” the movement was still suggestive of offside. Shortly thereafter, in the 34th minute, Benfica seemed to take the lead. Yarmashuk headed home from a corner kick with Everton from close range at the feet of Ter Stegen.

Memphis Depay was also unable to leave his mark on the match.

Memphis Depay was also unable to leave his mark on the match.

Two minutes later, Nicholas Otamendi fired a missile with his foot from a skewed angle. The people at Camp Nou, shivering from the cold under their cloaks, collectively stiffened as this lower slide invaded. Benfica’s party was canceled because Everton’s corner would have already crossed the line of defence. Yusuf Demir hits the crossbar on behalf of Barcelona shortly before the end of the first half, when he hits the ball into the far corner.

Monster Club in Munich

The biggest opportunity after the break was for Memphis. With his run of only tens of meters towards Odisseas Vlachodimos, he made Barcelona fans yearn for a 1-0 lead. Former Ajax player Jan Vertonghen cut in the way, but this measure was too much. chance missed. Frenkie de Jong was also close in the second half, but I saw him from a cross from Ousmane Dembele, who had just arrived, was turned over by the goalkeeper.

Dembele immediately showed why Koeman indicated he misses him so much. After his unsuccessful comeback against Dynamo Kiev weeks ago (he got injured again on the spot), he has now brought speed, creativity and style from a side he missed so much. The Frenchman put in a great display and came close to scoring 1-0 in stoppage time. Minutes earlier, Araujo had already done it, but he was offside. Camp Nou sank in disappointment.

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And so it seems that Barcelona is doomed to win in Munich in two weeks.

Frenkie de Jong: Barcelona holds its head high to Munich

Barcelona’s Frenkie de Jong then admitted that the goalless draw looked like a defeat. And he agreed: “At home you always have to win and you always want to win” RTL7. Then we had now qualified for the eighth finals. That’s why I’m a bit disappointed now, yeah.”

De Jong said he felt Barcelona were the better team at the Camp Nou. “We deserved to win this match, that’s for sure.”

After the break, De Jong was about to score with a powerful header. Greek goalkeeper Odyssias Vlaudimus made a good save. “I jumped higher than the defender, but I couldn’t control the ball.”

Barcelona must now beat group winners Bayern Munich on 8 December during the final round of play in Group E to qualify for second place in the last 16 round. The German champions are still without losing points after five matches. “Bayern is of course a very good opponent, and everyone knows that. But we are still second, we go there with our heads held high, to win.”

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