The helicopter flew farther and faster than ever before.

Yesterday afternoon, the fourth test flight of Marshelikopter Ingenuity was made. And it was a success, according to NASA reports.

The helicopter flew five meters during the fourth flight and then flew 133 meters from the landing site and returned to this landing site. A helicopter has never traveled such a great distance. The helicopter also flew faster during the fourth test flight than ever before. The flight took a total of 117 seconds.

The Persevering Mars rover was in the first row again. This image was provided, among other things, in which the helicopter is only a point on the horizon.

The fourth test flight was already planned earlier this week. But then Dexterity failed to boot. The cause was a known issue that popped up every now and then, but that didn’t stop NASA from trying again soon. And with success.

Fifth trip
The fourth test flight followed three previous successful flights, with the helicopter flying slightly farther, longer, and faster each time. A fifth test flight will be conducted soon. During this trip, Ingenuity will make a one-way trip for the first time; After some impact, the helicopter no longer returns to where it was taking off and always lands during previous test flights.

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Creativity is an illustrative mission to determine if it is possible to fly on Mars. The helicopter has amply proven this. But since creativity is still healthy, NASA doesn’t want to leave the helicopter idle on Mars. The US space agency announced yesterday Creativity mission. The second part of the mission explores what exactly helicopters like Ingenuity could do in exploring Mars – and possibly other worlds.