A half-naked man breaks into a Flemish family: 'Maybe he came to steal the pants' |  a stranger

A half-naked man breaks into a Flemish family: ‘Maybe he came to steal the pants’ | a stranger

The family of Gerd Razvan from the Belgian town of Zaventem was shocked on Saturday morning. It was already dark outside when a thief suddenly appeared in their sitting room without his pants on.

At the time, Marielina, 53, and her six-month-old grandson were sleeping in the basement. Her husband Alexandro, 50, managed to beat the guy. “Unfortunately for the intruder, he chose the wrong house, and my husband was a police officer for 25 years,” says Marilena.

“I still don’t understand what this man came here to do,” Grandma Marilena says. “It was 5:20 am. I heard a rattling coming from the kitchen behind me. At first I thought my husband was getting ready to leave for work. But when I turned, there was a strange man standing there. He was wearing a jacket and socks, but no pants.”

After hearing Marilena’s cry, Alexandro set off to work. He dragged the man out the back door into the yard. There he was able to restrain himself while Marilena called the police.


“To enter through the back door, he must have first slipped through three other gardens,” daughter Alexandra, 24, says. ,, This is not an easy task, because they all have high fences. He must have climbed around all the obstacles like a cat. We also have lights that turn on automatically when there is movement in the park, but he somehow manages to avoid the sensor. The back door was just open, so our dog – who also didn’t notice the intruder – could get in and out.”

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Now that they’ve recovered from the initial trauma, the family can laugh about it. “It’s a strange intrusion,” says daughter Alexandra. “I don’t think he came out with bad intentions. Then he would have been better prepared. Unless he wanted to steal pants, that is possible of course.”

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Alexandru Razvan was able to defeat the robber. © Dieter News


The police came to pick up the intruder after the report. “They suspected he was asleep, but I don’t believe it,” Alexandra says. “Because of my work, I have experience with sleepwalking people. I think the guy was previously under the influence or wasn’t completely mentally well. He also apologized afterwards.”

“Even though nothing bad happened in the end, it was still a bad experience,” Marilena says. Recently, there have been more and more robberies in our area. We don’t want to publicize our issues, but in this case I hope it will encourage other residents to be vigilant.”

The thief managed to sneak into the yard.

The thief managed to sneak into the yard. © Dieter News

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