A glimpse into the life of Miss Kansas, the beauty queen and billionaire heiress

A glimpse into the life of Miss Kansas, the beauty queen and billionaire heiress

Gracelyn Hunt is an American blonde who never sits still. At least that’s how you make it seem. For example, she is in the process of graduating from the University of Kansas and is responsible for maintaining public relations for the American football team Kansas City. In addition, there is also a lot of charity.

Gracie Hunt was born with a silver spoon in her mouth

24-year-old Gracieline Hunt, nicknamed Gracie, was born into one of the richest families in America and grew up with her family in a spacious mansion in the US state of Dallas.

She got her love for soccer and sports from her athletic father, Clark Hunt, who is the co-owner of the professional American soccer team Kanas City Chiefs. Where little girls loved to play with dolls, Gracie preferred to play football or be seen cheering on the sidelines for The Chiefs.

She owes her beauty to her mother. She won the title of Miss Kansas USA in 1993. Let mother and daughter be like two drops of water. The American blonde won the same title in 2021 and can call herself the former Miss Kansas USA.

The American blonde is not only gorgeous, but she also has a big brain, as she graduated in Sports Administration from Southern Methodist University and is currently pursuing her master’s degree at the University of Kansas. With her big mind she helps various organizations, she helps maintain public relations for presidents and she is an ambassador for the Special Olympics.

The blonde clearly has a big heart for humanity, as she’s partnered with the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Kansas City and the Chief’s Women’s Foundation to host several charity events.

However, the life of an American is not all roses and sunsets. The reason the blonde is an athlete and takes her health so seriously is because she suffers from celiac disease, which is a chronic disorder of the digestive and immune systems. Hunt has a massive reach of no less than 358,000 followers on Instagram and thus tries to convey to her followers that your health is the most important thing.

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In Gracie Hunt’s view, sport is the way that brings people together and people, no matter what their level, should feel valued and involved. As the daughter of a millionaire, Gracie has plenty of money to spend, so she founded her own non-profit organization, Breaking Barriers. An organization that promotes teamwork in schools and runs sports clinics for children of all backgrounds, in places like South Africa and Brazil.

In addition to all the hard work, Gracie Hunt also enjoys life to the fullest, so she regularly shares snaps on her Instagram where you can see that she’s enjoying a great vacation in countries like Egypt and Mexico.

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