A game from the Netflix Squid Game series recreated in Fortnite |  esports

A game from the Netflix Squid Game series recreated in Fortnite | esports

Fan of the popular Netflix series squid game He recreated one game in the series in Fortnite. The creator, Reddit user saas_dev, has a video of him red light, green light-common game.

Reddit user recreated the game into a file creative mode the fortnite fan. The game “Red Light, Green Light” is a children’s game known in the Netherlands as “Annemaria cuckoo”. As in the series, players can run to the other side of the field. However, they may only move as long as the game master is not looking. If the players are still moving when the game master turns around, they are shot dead.

This is not the first time that a different version of the game has been made from the popular Squad Game series. Before saas_dev released its version, several attempts were made to recreate the game in the game format. There are already many VR versions and Roblox also has its own version Red light, green light-Game.

squid game

The South Korean Netflix series Squid Game has been a huge hit on the internet. In the successful series, the characters play various games for children in which they can win huge amounts of money. However, if they lose the game, they will be killed. Squid is the most watched series of all time on Netflix with over 111 million viewers in its first 28 days. But in reality, people don’t need to devour the series; Netflix has previously confirmed that any subscriber who sees more than two minutes of a series or movie will count as a viewer.

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Are you already a fan of the Squid game? Test your knowledge in our quiz and see if you can reach the end without errors!

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