A further extension of the shutdown is not yet justified

A further extension of the shutdown is not yet justified

On Monday, March 8th, there was another press conference with Prime Minister Marc Rutte and Minister Hugo de Jong, in which the new Corona measures were explained.

Summary of this press conference:

Many people are still infected with the Coronavirus. And the pressure on hospitals remains very high. This is why the government will not relax any more, and this will not be justified. They stick to the procedures that they see working.
Small corrections are being made to a number of current measures. The Cabinet is also looking forward. Starting March 31, there might be more room to relax. Only if the numbers allow, for example, can terraces and shops be opened under strict conditions.

Extension measures

All existing measures will be extended until March 30
Another press conference will be held on March 23 to discuss what is possible after March 30th.

The curfew will be extended until March 31 at 4:30 a.m.
This means that everyone is staying home between 9:00 PM and 4:30 AM. There are a few exceptions during elections.

The travel advice will be extended until April 15th
This means: to stay in the Netherlands. Don’t travel until April 15th. To travel outside the Netherlands, do not travel except when absolutely necessary. On March 23, at the next press conference, there will be travel advice for the period that follows.

Minor changes to procedures as of March 16. The Cabinet is making a number of minor corrections to the current procedures.

Starting Tuesday, March 16, the following adjustments will apply:

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Swimming lesson
Swimming lessons are possible for children up to the age of 12, until they can obtain an A, B, or C diploma.

Shopping by appointment
When shopping by appointments applies to stores where two customers are allowed per floor. Or 1 customer per 25 square meters of retail space. All that at a distance of 1.5 meters from each other. There may be a maximum of 50 customers in store at one time, if the store is large enough for that. The rule still applies to people setting an appointment at least four hours in advance, and that the store operates at intervals of at least ten minutes.

Adults aged 27 years or over are allowed to exercise outside in sports facilities with a maximum of 4 people. The conditions are that they keep a distance of 1.5 meters. Up to the age of 26, it was already allowed to play sports in sports facilities, as a team, without maintaining a distance of 1.5 meters. In addition, municipalities may organize sports activities in other locations.

Theoretical exams
The theory tests and lessons can again be organized on site with the aim of driving or maintaining transportation. This only applies to people who need this for their profession or business. People who have been imposed an educational procedure to improve their driving behavior can take the theory test again.

The entry ban has been expanded
The entry ban applies to travelers from countries outside the European Union. The exception list for this has been temporarily suspended for a number of groups. These exclusions apply again. This means that the following groups are permitted to re-enter the Netherlands: business travelers, students, highly skilled immigrants, professionals from the cultural and creative sector, and long-distance enthusiasts.

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Minor adjustments to previous procedures from March 16:

Visiting arrangements for nursing homes
If nursing home residents are vaccinated, there is a place for two visitors per day. This can also be different visitors during the week. This amendment takes effect immediately.

for travel
Lifting the UK flight and docking ban. The British variant of the Coronavirus has already spread in the Netherlands, which is why this ban has no added value. This prohibition will not take effect from Tuesday, March 9 at 00.01 AM KST. Current test obligations for travelers from the UK will still apply, as will urgent quarantine advice.

Possibility to relax from Wednesday, March 31:

A number of relaxations are planned from March 31. These can only persist if the number of occupied intensive care beds remains constant and the reproduction number remains around 1. A decision on this will be made on 23 March.

Diners can then open outdoor stands, under certain conditions.

There will then be more room for more shops to open.

Under certain circumstances, it would be possible to provide more for Higher Professional Education (HBO) and University Education (WO). Students may then receive physical education no longer than one day per week.

Basic rules
The more we stick to the ground rules, the fewer injuries. The sooner we do more. This also increases the chance that the above facilitation will continue.

Wash your hands regularly and carefully. Coughing and sneezing in the elbow. Keep a distance of 1.5 meters so that the chance of the virus is reduced as possible.

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Limit your contacts
Make sure you meet as few people as possible: avoid crowds, work from home if possible, and limit your visits.

Stay home and get tested
If you have complaints, you stay home, even if these are mild complaints. Get tested as soon as possible. Then wait for the test result at home. Stay home if the test result is positive.

Vaccination also has an effect on the number of infections. More and more elderly people are getting an injection. This leads to a decrease in the number of corona infections in nursing homes. It is currently expected that in July, every 18-year-old who wishes to be vaccinated will have a first injection.

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