A dead man declared wrongly: “I am afraid to lose my possessions” |  interior

A dead man declared wrongly: “I am afraid to lose my possessions” | interior

Chun wanted to transfer ownership of the place in the cemetery to a family member, because for financial reasons he wanted to choose to cremate himself and his wife. Only he lost the deed and was forced to go to the police.

However, the police had him on file as “deceased” so it was not possible to file a report. Reapplying for the road tax also caused problems. File a complaint with the National Registration Department on the advice of the police. But his son-in-law initially did not receive any response from the government agency. Moments later, the organization promised to adjust its registration status within two weeks.

“I worked in a funeral home for years, but I never thought that I would be declared prematurely dead. If my condition does not change, I am afraid I will lose access to my bank account and my funds will be frozen,” he said at a press conference, about which Free Malaysia Today wrote.

It hurts Chun that he was unable to vote in the local elections, which prevented him from fulfilling his “responsibility” as a Malaysian. His daughter discovered that his previous election behavior could no longer be found on the internet, while he had just voted during the elections in May 2018.

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