A big asteroid is going past Earth, and you can see it

Olya: Don’t worry. The British newspaper wrote that the asteroid will remain at a safe distance and will not hit the moon and Earth Watchman. There is no chance that the ‘city killer’ will hit Earth,” said Richard Moisel, head of planetary defense at the European Space Agency.

But it is a great opportunity for scientists to study space rocks closely. “Its proximity provides ample opportunity for observation.” NASA says astronomers at the International Asteroid Warning Network see the passing asteroid as a good exercise in protecting Earth, should a dangerous asteroid that could hit Earth be detected.

Flying past asteroids isn’t all that great. But according to NASA, it’s rare to see such a large asteroid — scientists estimate its diameter to be between 49 and 90 meters — up close.

Space rock, called 2023 DZD 2, first passing through the moon, to pass the earth a few hours later at a speed of 28,000 kilometers per hour. The asteroid will then fly by just over 42,000 miles. The last time 2023 DZ2 passed Earth was in 2004, according to near the Earth’s focal point.

The question, of course: when do you see it? Take the distance between the moon and the earth. When it is more than half the distance, it becomes visible through binoculars and small telescopes.

According to the NEO focal points, the asteroid will be closest to Earth around 8:49 pm NST. This exact time may change. And don’t worry for those without a telescope: the Virtual Telescope Project will take care of tomorrow live feed From 00:30 Dutch time.

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If you miss it this time, you may have a chance to spot it again in three years. The asteroid will head our way again in 2026. At first there seemed little chance it would hit Earth, but scientists have since ruled that out.

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