8 phobias you may not have heard of

Fear is a part of life for many people. Almost everyone is afraid of something. We all know someone who is afraid of spiders, heights, or small spaces, for example. There are also a lot of phobias that are relatively unknown, but still have to deal with on a regular basis. We’ve listed a few for you.

Don’t try to scare yourself.

Did you already know this phobia?


A fear closely associated with the digital age. No, we are not talking about being afraid of technology. On the contrary. With Nomophobia, you feel afraid of not being constantly on your mobile phone. Does this sound familiar? Perhaps for the younger generations in particular.


If that bothers you, playing hide and seek probably isn’t for you. Although as a researcher you will do your best to find the rest. People with monophobia are afraid of being alone. One of the possible reasons for developing this phobia is that you were abandoned in the past, for example in childhood.


New job, new relationship, new education. New things can be very exciting. Especially if you have a phobia. This is the fear of new things or trying new things.


Don’t give people with this phobia too many options. They suffer from quadratic selection pressure. Decidophobia means that you are afraid of making decisions. So if you already start to sweat when asked what you want for your birthday, you may have this phobia. Maybe who will say?

marked phobia

Equipped horsephobia

This name is very mean if you know what people with this phobia have to deal with. did you guess? We excuse people who suffer from this phobia and never write the term for this fear again. Anyway, this phobia relates to the fear of long words. And let’s be honest, even if you don’t have this phobia, you’ll almost get it from the word.

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There is a good chance that these people will choose to be cremated when they die (and this has already been recorded). A person with taphophobia is terrified of being buried alive. Well, maybe the thought of that isn’t too rosy for anyone, but if you suffer from typhophobia, you’re really afraid of it happening.


Eating can also cause necessary stress for some. It goes beyond fear of not liking something or accidentally biting into something hard. For example but not limited to. Those who suffer from arachnophobia fear that peanut butter will stick to their palates. Very specific, but it really is there.


We seal with fear of fear. You read that right. Phobia is the fear of a phobia. This may sound crazy to some, but if you look at it from a different point of view, it can be one of the worst phobias you can have. There are a lot of different concerns. So if you suffer from this, there is unfortunately a lot to be afraid of.

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