# 70 Fitness Cheat Sheet Show |  PNR News Radio

# 70 Fitness Cheat Sheet Show | PNR News Radio

Never in world history has so much money been paid into a country’s economy as Joe Biden proposes to the United States. John and Bernard predict a new trench war in Congress because Republicans see it as the futile act of a socialist president.

# 70 Fitness Speak Briefshow

Biden wants to invest more than $ 2,000,000 billion in a number of incentives, including infrastructure and the power grid. Part of the bill goes to business in the form of higher corporate taxes.

Cheat sheets

The announcement immediately sparked heated debate, with Biden’s previous appearance somewhat forgotten: his first press conference. John and Bernard looked at it in amazement. There were only thirty journalists, mainly from the media who were not afraid of the president. Biden had clearly memorized, or read from, the possible answers Layer of cheat sheets It was in front of him. No spontaneity, no risk – this is a wonderful sight.

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Great river

John sat on the Rio Grande, the border river between Mexico and the United States, to see with his own eyes how big the problem was. The arrival of refugees There is. According to critics, Biden opened the border by changing the rhetoric about immigrants from his predecessor Trump. Immigrants saw it as, according to critics, a kind of open call. The worrying situation is that Biden has ordered Vice President Kamala Harris to take responsibility for the border issue.

Ma Ochi

John has now received his first dose of the vaccine. In that sense, things are moving faster in the United States. Biden promised 200 million doses of the vaccine in its first 100 days, and it works. By the end of April, every American has That was his first shot. It has a good nickname: Fucci OC – Fucci is a famous epidemiologist, and ‘Och’ means ‘yes’. There are T-shirts for sale with a heart with a syringe, and the text “I got my Fucci Ochi”.

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The weekly America Podcast is hosted by John Postma of Washington D.C. and Bernard Hummelberg of New York or Amsterdam. The podcast usually comes online on Wednesdays, and you can listen to it via your favorite podcast app or via bnr.nl/amerika.

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