A 6-year-old girl from America gets a license to keep a unicorn in her backyard after the letter |  I feel good

6-year-old US girl gets license to keep unicorn in backyard after letter | Feel-good

A 6-year-old girl from America has been given permission to grow a unicorn in her garden. Los Angeles Animal Control issued her a “permit.”

“I would like your permission to keep a unicorn in my backyard,” 6-year-old Madeline wrote in a note to the Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control, an animal control agency in Los Angeles.

This news put a smile on the staff’s face, so US Animal Protection decided to grant her a ‘permit’ if she got it. ‘They are actually very rare and hard to find.’

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Brush horn

The permit, called the permit, states that Madeline will be allowed to keep the unicorn if she meets several conditions. For example, she needs to take good care of the unicorn and expose it to sunlight, moonlight and rainbows. In addition, the unicorn must be given watermelon at least once a week, the animal’s horn must be polished once a month and it is allowed to use glitter on the unicorn, which are non-toxic and biodegradable.

It’s always rewarding to hear from youngsters who think carefully about what it takes to give animals a loving home. “This is why we gave her a pre-approved unicorn license.” In addition to the license, Animal Protection also sent a unicorn hug in the meantime “as she continues her search.”

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Hugs from Madeline from LA Animal Control. © Instagram lacoanimals

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