4x the hottest must-have spring trends for your home

4x the hottest must-have spring trends for your home

1. Bring nature into your home

Now that spring has arrived, nature is showing itself more and more. Trees, plants and flowers will grow and bloom again and nature can also be brought into the home. Choose natural colors in your home, such as a warm shade of terracotta, green, and beige. Furniture, art and accessories often have an organic look borrowed from nature. Plus, pretty, stunning plants work very well in this style.

2. Durable accessories

Nowadays, sustainability is playing a major role in more and more areas. Not only in our lifestyle, but also in the interior. For example, you’re increasingly seeing accessories made from recycled materials. People are more likely to choose unique items that last longer than new accessories. Take a closer look in the closet or at the thrift store and who knows, you might find beautiful reusable pearls for your cabin spring.

3. Warm tones

Spring means fresh, light colors which is why pastels always work so well. But light colors like beige, cream, and brown also work well in a fresh spring interior. You will see these colors reflected in the interiors of 2023. They give atmosphere and warmth and look calm and orderly. Try these colors in your furniture or accessories.

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