'3m rule required in UK': current social distancing will not be sufficient for highly contagious UK variant |  abroad

‘3m rule required in UK’: current social distancing will not be sufficient for highly contagious UK variant | abroad

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is under pressure to extend the distance rule from two meters to “more than two meters”. In practice, this meant that the British had to monitor a distance of three meters. According to government medical advisors, the British corona variant is so contagious that the current social distancing is no longer sufficient.


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12-01-21, 14:27

Yahoo News, Daily Mail, ANP

The number of infections in the United Kingdom has exploded in recent weeks. Health services can hardly or can no longer handle patient care. In some places there is a lack of oxygen for patients. Johnson spoke of a “dangerous” phase in the epidemic on Monday. The main culprit is the highly contagious British halo type. The finger of blame is also pointed at a part of the population that does not adhere to the restrictions of Corona.

Chris Whitty, the government’s chief medical adviser, has called on residents to avoid contact with others as much as possible, according to the BBC. Whitty said about one in fifty Britons are currently infected.

At a Downing Street press conference, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said he “will not rule out further action if needed.” When asked if the three-meter rule will be enforced, a Downing Street spokesperson replied that there are currently no plans to change the social distancing rule. “Everything is under close monitoring,” she added.

Sign showing the current distance rule on Regent Street in London. © AP

Supporters and opponents

Opponents of the measure say it would have little effect, create more confusion and turn into a logistical nightmare.

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Across the country, graphics have been applied to sidewalks according to the current procedure, and similar signage notices can now be found in tens of thousands of stores, factories, offices and public places. Changing them all will increase the cost of fighting the epidemic.

Proponents argue that more lives will be saved and that hospitals will come under less pressure, making the amendment more than feasible. Scientists claim this measure is really necessary because the new British variant will likely be up to 70 percent more convertible.

On Monday, the country recorded 529 deaths in Corona – a 30 percent increase from the 407 deaths reported on the same day last week. The UK surpassed the record of 80,000 people dying from the Covid-19 virus over the weekend.

Speed ​​up the vaccination campaign

The United Kingdom was the first European country to be vaccinated last month and has now approved three coronavirus vaccines: those from Oxford / AstraZeneca, Pfizer / Bio-n Tech and Modern. About 14 million people are due to be vaccinated by mid-February.

The total number of vaccination sites in the UK now stands at 1,200. About 600,000 people over the 80s who live less than 45 minutes by car from a new center are contacted by letter. They can make an appointment or wait for the injection site to open in the area.

A man wears a mouth mask in London.
A man wears a mouth mask in London. © Agence France-Presse

According to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, four in ten over the 1980s and more than 20 percent of elderly people living in nursing homes received the first dose. The country says it will accelerate the pace of obtaining at least 2 million vaccines per week at the end of the month, at more than 2,700 sites. By spring, tens of millions of Britons were supposed to have had an injection.

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