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Microsoft made the source code for 3D Movie Maker open source and posted it on GitHub after a fan requested it. This 1995 animation program, aimed at children, allowed users to place 3D characters in digital environments and make a movie with them.

beginning of last month twitter user foone request To Microsoft or whoever wanted to share the source code of the 3D animation software and possibly make it open source. Foone put forward a number of arguments, including the fact that “thousands of videos” were created with the software in its 27-year existence, which are no longer playable without 3D Movie Maker. As mentioned by the site 3dmm.com Many videos created with the software are still shared by the active community.

According to the man, 3D Movie Maker would also be a perfect introduction to learning the basics of animation. He made a comment that the software does not work on most current devices, but the modified version can help here.

Scott Hanselman, Director at Microsoft, Answer the phone question It then announced that the company had given permission to put the 3D Movie Maker source code on GitHub under an open source license. On the GitHub page Further explanation is given of how to start the assembly of the program.

3D Movie Maker

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