32 elderly patients from Limburg were vaccinated after...

32 elderly patients from Limburg were vaccinated after … (Interior)

Source: Belgian

After a bus trip to Blankenberge, 32 of the 49 vaccinated bus passengers from Limburg contracted the coronavirus. This was reported by Limburg TV, and the news was confirmed to Belga by the Health and Welfare Agency. These are old people from Limburg from all over the province.

All bus passengers were vaccinated, as that was a condition of boarding the bus. The trip to Blankenberge lasted from 3 to 10 September, after which an elderly man went to the doctor on 14 September with symptoms and was tested. Another patient followed on September 15 at the same GP in Beringen, after which the doctor reported to the primary care district in West Limburg. Soon another eight people tested positive, after which all bus passengers were contacted.

“We were surprised that a lot of people got infected. We don’t know exactly how it happened – during the stay or on the bus – but we suspect that the infection started at sea,” says Eli Balegan, GP in Beringen and member of the Covid team in the West-West Primary Care District. . Most people have mild to moderate disease. Most of them have complaints, but they are quite capable of staying at home. One person was hospitalized.”

Four samples with a high viral load were transported to Gessa Hospital in Hasselt, where the involved variant sequencing should identify. “There are many infections, more than would be expected with the vaccine. The vaccine is effective, because most people have mild to moderate disease.”

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“This definitely shows the importance of vaccination,” says Ria Vandenreyt of Care and Health. “Without vaccination, many people would have had serious complaints. The seriousness of the complaints now is not so bad. Otherwise, you would expect more people in hospital.”

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