2 million viewers watching The Masked Singer's panel unanimously guess the identity leak: "That's cool." |  show

2 million viewers watching The Masked Singer’s panel unanimously guess the identity leak: “That’s cool.” | show

Gallant, armored, feathery, but not too secretive: the full jury of The Masked Singer I guessed last night (for the second week in a row) who was hiding in the suit of the fallen character, this time the Knight. Almost 2 million viewers watched it happen, making RTL the most watched program of the day.

This week, the panel, made up of Carlo Bussard, Loretta Shriver, Gerard Goling, and Buddy Vader, got tips from Tinyky Scotten, who was last night VSCD Action Award can receive. I played a detective, which will hopefully help the committee get along a bit more. Last week she started speaking German like a possessed man, but this week mainly English words came out of her mouth.

The panelists didn’t get many helpful hints, however, when a knight took the stage and played a cover Whatever it takes – whatever it takes From the American band Imagine Dragons, Boszhard, Schrijver, Joling and Vedder immediately recognized the character’s voice. To put each other on the wrong track, a number of different names were called during the performance, but no one seemed to deviate from their first hunch.

Frank Visser

However, Schrijver has attempted to come up with a number of other names. She wasn’t thanked for it, because the second after Frank Visser’s name popped out of her mouth, the entire audience laughed. coffee timePresenter. Then Carlo Bousshard threw on the table what everyone had been thinking about all evening: ‘It should be a radio DJ,’ he said. But he didn’t say who he had in mind specifically.

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the Knight. © RTL

When it turned out that the jockey had to leave the studio, the whole team finally dared to come out for the painting they’d been thinking about all along. “We think it’s Gerard Ekdom,” Shriver said. “I can’t hear it, but I only see it in the situation,” Bousshard added. Euling and Federer also agreed: Of course we also go to Gerard Eckdom.


When the knight finally revealed himself, the commission could not believe their luck: Gerard of Ecdom was indeed hiding in the suit of a medieval hero. The radio DJ regretted leaving the show but enjoyed his participation. “This is great. You want to try this, right?” “I can recommend this to anyone.”

Only two people knew that Ekdom took part in the program, where famous Dutch people sing songs in a suit. Then the jury has to guess which celebrity is wearing the suit. “Even my boys didn’t know! Cheers to the whole team out there, it was such a pleasure to be able to do it!”

This is not the first time that the entire committee has guessed who is hiding in the suit. Last week, using all the hints, the panel unanimously guessed this top model Louisa Lammers Hidden behind a mermaid suit. “It’s a real shame because it was such an amazing adventure,” she said after its reveal. “I did a lot of things, but this was really crazy. I really enjoyed it.”

Gerard Ecdom.

Gerard Ecdom. © RTL

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