19% of the population lives in Stockwatch apartments

19% of the population lives in Stockwatch apartments

In 2019, 46% of the EU population lived in apartments, just over a third (35%) lived in detached homes and nearly a fifth (19%) were in semi-detached or terraced houses, according to data released today from Prior to Eurostat, the European Union’s statistical service. In Cyprus, 15.7% live in detached homes, 16.1% in semi-detached homes and 19.1% in apartments.

Apartments were the most common type of accommodation in 14 member states, particularly in Latvia (66% of people live in apartments), Spain (65%) and Estonia (61%). The member states with the lowest percentage of residents staying in apartments are Ireland (8%) and the Netherlands (21%).

In contrast, more than two-thirds of the population lives in separate homes in Croatia (68%), followed by Slovenia (66%), Hungary, Romania (both 65%) and Denmark (54%). The Netherlands and Ireland were the only two countries in the European Union where more than half of the population lived in semi-detached homes in 2019 (58% and 53%, respectively).

In 2019, seven out of ten (70%) people in the European Union lived in a house or apartment they owned. The number of landlords surpassed in all European Union member states in 2019, with the highest percentage of landlords in Romania (96%), Hungary (92%), Slovakia (91%) and Lithuania (90%). The lowest percentage of owner-occupied homes were in Germany (51%) and Austria (55%).

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