17xTop Tweets of May

17xTop Tweets of May

1. Will we get some sun this month?!

The rain is really driving me crazy. This has been going on for 7 months now. There is no limit to it.

2. Just like ancient times.

People sometimes say this isn’t the Netherlands it used to be, but I’ve just walked 5km down Avonverdags in the pouring rain with a group of kids jumping off Mentos, so not much has changed.

3. We have a new Prime Minister.

An old love letter to Dick Schoff has surfaced.

4. Here you have some pictures.

Very helpful answers when your cheating son or daughter texts you again, topic

5. Today’s youth are fast in everything.

Great news. Today, May 26, 2024, I became a father to a beautiful son. Everything is healthy, he drinks well and can even text. 👶🏼🎉

6. This is how we get there, guys.

Fortunately, they banned plastic straws to save the world. ❤️

7. Who has final advice?

Can I find a volunteer here who wants to teach me the correct way to eat Bossche Bollen? Travel expenses are reimbursed on the basis of public transportation.

8. Fat bikes, fat bikes everywhere.

The only impression fat bikes leave on me is that now you can tell exactly which boys are the spoiled brats.

9. We started the month with a special Eurovision Song Contest.

After his performance, Jost Klein just posted this heartwarming message on his Instagram account #Eurovision #justclean

10. Enjoy it.

I know no one asked for this but Caroline van der Plasterk

11. Or will we never compete again?

There is no other option but to send Joost to Eurovision again next year


12. Tip of the day.

Marktplaats… People who make ridiculously low offers… I’ll send them to De Efteling from now on. I got a tip from someone here and thought it was great.

13. This way you will stay young.

I arrived at my client’s retirement home. Before I could ring the doorbell, three men, around 80 years old, opened the door for me, relaxing on their walkers. “We were already fighting over who could open the door, we love the blonde” 😆😆 80 years eh!! 🙋‍♀️

14. She could have saved the Eurovision Song Contest!

15. What a wonderful study.

You don’t mean that?

16. The next issue is already in the queue.

Early pollen, slug and tick infestation in an active manner very early. But where is the oak parade caterpillar? No one has heard about it yet. Yes!

17. Let’s hope for a better month!

Today the meteorology begins #summer. Which is really great because then the rain gets warmer again.

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