17,500 tickets for the musical De Tocht have been sold

17,500 tickets for the musical De Tocht have been sold

Friday 07 January 2022 10.48 AM

Leeuwarden – After the last Elfstedentocht festival took place exactly twenty-five years ago, after the first week of ticket sales, 17,500 tickets have already been sold for the De Tocht musical. This October, this massive musical will premiere in Leeuwarden in a new theater to be built, which will have a 360-degree ice floor covering 2,000 square metres.

While this week the media reflected the fact that exactly twenty-five years ago Henk Angenent won the last Elfstedentocht, sales of De Tocht music tickets began. Following the example of Soldt van Oranje – de Musical and the Flemish show “40 -45”, de Tocht can be seen in Friesland from autumn.

“It’s great that over seventeen thousand tickets were sold in the first week,” says Foppe van der Veen, De Tocht’s creative producer. “This week it became clear again that the Elfstedentocht is still alive all over the Netherlands. Not only are we eager to get this piece of magic on the ice, but also the rest of Holland. Tickets have been bought from all provinces and even Belgium. Everyone wants to “experience the magic” Elfstedentocht This is exactly our goal. We want to keep the memory of the Elfstedentocht alive, also for generations who haven’t experienced this tour up close.”

the story

In an amazing musical experience, you are drawn into the impressive story of five former skateboarding friends who have lost touch with each other over the years due to quarrels and envy. But in their younger years, they made a promise to each other: If De Tocht comes again, we’ll do it together. Promise is guilt, especially since a friend holds a secret, so much more is at stake than just getting a cross ….

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Is the bond of the past strong enough? Or are the cracks cracking too deep and are you losing more on the ice than you could have imagined?

The tour tells a story of suffering, passion, brotherhood and choice. Elfstedentocht as a metaphor for life. Falling and getting up, together and alone. With great music, catchy lyrics and great decor of the eleven Frisian cities. In short, 1,460 spectators will experience Elfstedentocht every evening with the main characters in a story that has it all in it.

Tickets are available from www.musicaldetocht.frl

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