#144 Fight for Documents |  PNR News Radio

#144 Fight for Documents | PNR News Radio

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No matter what Joe Biden tries, the shadow of his predecessor, Donald Trump, looms over him. As Biden continues his vigorous campaign for the Democratic nomination in the November election, the political and media conversation has focused solely on the 11,000 documents seized by the FBI during a raid on his Florida estate.

By requiring a legal arbitrator, a “special master” who would first sort through all documents by “personal” and “government matters,” the inquiry into potential crimes committed by Trump was a major blow. A federal judge gave him his way. Bernard and David (John is on vacation) eagerly pursue the case. Will the Justice Minister appeal against the verdict? Bill Barr, who was attorney general under Trump, thinks so, because he says it doesn’t make sense to appoint an arbitrator. It’s a hectic scramble for documents.

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