14 times more vulnerable to flooding in Europe - Wel.nl

14 times more vulnerable to flooding in Europe – Wel.nl

Severe floods such as those that swept parts of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands last week will become more frequent in the future. Researchers say it’s a direct result of global warming.

computer models Suggest Slow-moving storm clouds may be fourteen times more common on Earth by the end of the century than they are today. The slower the storm moves, the more rainfall in a small area and the greater the chance of flooding.

It has been known for some time that higher temperatures mean that the atmosphere can hold more moisture, which means that very heavy rains occur more often. However, the latest study focuses on the role of slow-moving storms in Europe. Scientists believe that these slow thunderclouds from which a lot of rain falls, are increasing because the temperature in the Arctic is rising very quickly.

According to simulations, storms will move more slowly in the future and thus cause more disturbance. “The models give the idea that it could get worse,” said study leader Abdullah Kahraman of Newcastle University in the United Kingdom.

More rain will fall, especially in summer. “In August in particular, the potential for storm clouds to slow down increases across much of the European continent,” Kahraman says.

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