130 US diplomats have been brain damaged by a mysterious disease

130 US diplomats have been brain damaged by a mysterious disease

Havana Syndrome is a mysterious disease that haunts U.S. embassy staff in various countries. The mysterious disease was discovered in 2016 and 2017 among US embassy staff in Cuba. Later, similar incidents took place in countries such as China and Russia.

Unexplained complaints

Staff reported unexplained health complaints such as severe headaches and nausea. They also heard strange noises like cricket. Since December last year, three more CIA Secret Service personnel have developed severe symptoms following their foreign assignments. For this they all had to be treated at the hospital.

The exact cause is not clear. There is speculation about attacks with sound and radio waves. U.S. researchers discovered in December last year that the microwave was the cause.

The 70 newly discovered cases are being fully investigated by US authorities. President Joe Biden has promised to intensify investigations into undiscovered cases.

And incidents around Washington

Incidents are reported not only in Cuba and China, but also in the United States. Government employees around Washington could have been sick for no apparent reason.

The symptoms are reminiscent of Havana syndrome. Sources told CNN that there have been two possible ‘energy attacks’ in recent years. One was near the White House last year, and the other in 2019 on the outskirts of Washington.

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