11 inspecteurs klaargestoomd voor grenspostbewaking in Suriname

11 inspectors ready for border control in Suriname

The Post-Border Control Training Course for Junior Inspectors has been completed at the Livestock Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of Suriname (LVV). Eleven (11) junior border control inspectors participated in this training which started on December 8, 2020.

They are ready to carry out border control at the entry points to Suriname. Each of the new junior inspectors received a certificate for successful completion of the training.

During the training, which was coordinated by Charlene Djamin and Rushaya Camette, emphasis was placed on expected competence, communication skills, livestock legislation and information exchange with external bodies. Animal welfare, animal quarantine, personal protective equipment and biosecurity were also discussed.

Acting Director of Livestock, Anand Chutkan, said he had full confidence in his team and that they would perform their duties as required. Acting Deputy Director of Veterinary Services, Faisel Wellness, said that despite the ups and downs of Covid -19, we were able to complete training and continue with the same motivation to allow junior inspectors to gain experience.

Junior Border Control Inspector Calidian Gugita says she has found the training very informative and beneficial. She has learned how to carry out her future work and how to take care of things. She is now excited to put the theory into practice. During the training, the trainees learned to recognize animal diseases, among other things, and what the consequences would be if an animal disease entered the country.

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The main tasks of the Border Ports Control Department of the Livestock Directorate include collecting data on legal and illegal imports and transits of live animals, products of animal origin, veterinary medicines, feed and animal related products at all border posts in Suriname. In addition, it checks the relevant documents relating to the import and transit of the aforementioned for correctness, correctness and completeness, in accordance with applicable regulations and procedures.

Also, an inspection of conformity of the declared product or cargo with the required documents is carried out, in which the facilities for packaging, storage and transportation, as well as labels are checked.

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