10 long-running podcasts that are still worth watching

Podcasts seem to be staying, though we’re also seeing several popular podcasts discontinued in the middle of 2022: man, man, man, for example, or the self-made podcast. Fortunately, there are plenty of long-running podcasts that are voraciously listened to. Podcasts that update regularly with new episodes, so you have something new to listen to every week (sometimes even every day). These podcasts are pretty big at the time of writing and still going.

1. PorterRenee

PorteRenee has produced several episodes of her podcast, and it’s hard to imagine that she hasn’t already said everything there is to say about money. PorteRenee is all about finances and is a Dutch podcast, which is a big plus. There are also good money podcasts from the US, but the system is a little different there. Of course, you won’t always agree with PorteRenee, but he’s the perfect podcast to think about your money in a fun way.

2. CONAN O’Briend needs a friend

Talk show host Conan O’Brind did a talk show on TV, but somehow continued as a podcast. He puts all kinds of celebrities to the test and does it a little longer than the showman-like build he had on his talk show. This is a great long listen and O’Brien also argues with his assistants. very entertaining.

3. Moth

The Moth is one of our favorite podcasts because once it’s not commenting on a celebrity, it’s just about random people. Well, random people who all have one thing in common, and that is that they reveal an enormously personal story to millions of strangers. Each story is special to hear and the tone in The Moth is so enjoyable that you will keep listening.

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4. The University of Holland

Well, The Moth was one of our favorite English-language podcasts, because Holland University is our favorite Dutch podcast. The subtle humor of the topics that pass in the review is great, even if you thought a particular topic wasn’t interesting at all (or too complicated). In this podcast, all kinds of professors and wits pass by who tell something from their field, but which can be understood. to have fun.


If you find podcasts a little difficult because you prefer music, Bandsplain might be a good compromise. Every week Yasi Salek comes along with a fan to explain his favorite band. For example, hours are spent diving into the history of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. However, it’s all told in such an animated way that you can easily listen in and maybe even hope for more.

6. Presentation of the crime

The crime show is a good show instead of Moordcast, because they haven’t posted anything in a while. The Crime Show is an English language podcast where each episode you zoom in on a specific criminal event and you also hear about the lives lost and the impact of this. There are often exciting transformations and crazy situations that will leave your mouth open in amazement. Oh, the one after that?


If you like to listen to a podcast coming back every day, NRC Today is a good option. In it, all kinds of journalists from newspapers talk about the daily news. Not much to bring in the news, but especially to delve into the story behind it. Simple Explanation. Maybe a little NRC Next.

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8. Mark, Mary and Av find something

This podcast isn’t for everyone, but that’s mainly because Mark Marie and Av are not for everyone as people. It doesn’t matter, because if you really value them, you’ll enjoy all their worries about everyday things like air fryers and cargo bike riders. They sometimes dive into the questions they have, or the frustrations, but every time it’s a party to listen to how these two special people review everything in life.

9. The Darknet Diaries

Darknet Diaries is recommended for people in the technology field. The episodes of this segment don’t feature as much as many of the other podcasts, but it’s still going strong. Jack Rhysider takes a closer look at all things cybersecurity and hacking in this podcast. It explains things that usually happen behind closed doors and thus you also get a lot of information and more understanding about the world of cyber security. Something you might also apply in your own life to monitor your cyber security.

10. Psychologist Podcast

Podcasts are useful, but they can also be self-help books in audio form. The Psychologist Podcast is just that. Every time a certain topic is discussed it has to do with your brain. Stress, relief and sadness: it all comes down to this rather long-running podcast that can give you more knowledge about yourself and the people around you. Use it to your advantage.

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