📸 Thijs Jonveld had his bike attacked by a pit bull in America

📸 Thijs Jonveld had his bike attacked by a pit bull in America

At the beginning of June, Thijs Sonneveld came back from the United States disappointed after suffering a serious knee injury after falling unbound in a grueling grappling competition – luckily it wasn’t too bad. Now he is back in Jallikattu after vacationing with his family. But again, things didn’t go smoothly.

He posts a picture of his tattered cycling shorts on his Instagram. This time, it was not a fall that caused the uninjured, but a dog, as we may conclude from the accompanying text of Zonneveld.

“He would never do that,” said the Pit Bulls lady, a journalist from AD who is semi-pro at pit cycling this season.

Image: Instagram Thijs Zonneveld

Zonneveld’s Strava upload shows the pit bull attack took place on a lap in and around San Antonio, Texas. He drove there

Image: Strava Thijs Zonneveld

Not a rainbow sweater with a pirate on it

Before Jonveldt was mauled by a pit bull, he competed in a grueling gravel race in Nebraska last Saturday. During the Gravel Worlds he finished sixth in a race over 240 kilometers over 3000 meters.

Image: Strava Thijs Zonneveld

Jonveldt took nearly 8.5 hours to complete the rain marred race. The beginning was dark, which gave it an extra dimension. The BEAT rider only took his road bike to the US, so rode the bike with a ‘gravel set-up’ – read: tires with a slightly thicker profile.

Sonnevelt has previously posted on social media about her grueling workouts in Florida: a visit to Disneyland; He combines cycling in the States with family vacations.

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