Sunday 18 March 2018 / 01:41 AM

Ball boy humours Nadal’s OCD tendencies

Many athletes are over-the-top superstitious and meticulous about every minute detail to the point of being anal, and tennis megastar Rafael Nadal ranks high in the OCD stakes – notorious for needing his bottle labels facing the right way on the side of court.

Serving for the match against South African Kevin Anderson, Nadal’s water bottle blew over in the breeze. But a diligent – and clearly clued-up – ball boy sprung into action, picking up the bottle and carefully realigning the label to the correct position, which is facing to the end Nadal is playing at.

Despite the tense match situation, Nadal couldn’t help but have a chuckle and offer a wry grin.

Usually operating under a ‘seldom seen or heard’ ethos, ball boys have starred during this year’s Australian Open, with this lad’s efforts following on from the unfortunate blow suffered by his colleague last week.

[YouTube – Australian Open TV]

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