Saturday 24 February 2018 / 08:50 PM

AUS Open ball boy’s painful blow

All guys will be able to sympathise with this unfortunate Australian Open ball boy – but that won’t stop us having a good laugh at his expense.

The lad copped a rocketing serve from Spain’s Feliciano Lopez square in the nuts, and after initially appearing to shake it off when Lopez asked, “Are you OK?”, he doubled over.

Lopez and his opponent, France’s Adrian Mannarino, checked on the youngster’s welfare and he eventually left the court.

But he did it with a smile, as if realising how funny the situation was for everyone else, and received a healthy round of applause from the crowd as he departed. No doubt he’ll be back on deck for day 5, and he’s still a stud in our books – even if he has to refrain from the average teenage boy’s usual activities for a few days.


[YouTube – Crystal Odom]

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