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J-Bay: Fanning escapes hectic great white attack

Australian surfing superstar Mick Fanning has escaped injury after being attacked by a great white shark during the J-Bay Open final in South Africa in what surely ranks as one of the most extraordinary moments caught on live sporting television.


While waiting for a set of waves, a fin appeared behind Fanning, who then came off his board and thrashed around frantically to get away from the ocean predator.

Support crew swiftly arrived on jet skis to pick up Fanning, who miraculously escaped with only a chewed leg-rope.


Check out the incredible footage and Fanning’s interview moments afterwards:

The final between Fanning and countryman Julian Wilson was eventually cancelled, with the Aussie duo sharing the points and prize-money.

Fanning and Wilson both spoke to World Surf League reporters once safely ashore, clearly still rattled by the sensational incident. Wilson broke down when asked for his account of what happened.


Mick shark story.

Exclusive interview with Mick Fanning following the #JBayOpen shark attack.

Posted by World Surf League on Sunday, July 19, 2015 

Julian Interview

 Mick Fanning wasn’t alone in the water – Julian Wilson comments on the #JBayOpen shark encounter

Posted by World Surf League on Sunday, July 19, 2015

 Friends first. Mick Fanning & Julian Wilson share a moment of relief safely back on the beach. #JBayOpen Photo captured by Kirstin Scholtz

Posted by World Surf League on Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Commentary Box Sports team echoes Julian’s sentiments of relief that Mick emerged unscathed, and wishes both all the best in getting back out in the water and on their boards in the near future.





If there’s a positive to draw from the harrowing experience the duo endured, it’s the mateship and Aussie camaraderie they displayed – truly inspiring.  

[YouTube – World Surf League]

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