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Next Stop: Event 7 At Lower Trestles

As event 7 of the 2013 ASP World Championship Tour is fast approaching (September 15-21), the planets’ greatest surfers prepare for the high performance lefts and rights of Lower Trestles in Southern California.

After the first couple of stops on the 2013 ASP Tour, the top 5 rankings were strangely flooded with young blooded surfers. Though coming into Trestles it’s the usually suspects who round out the top 5:

  1. Kelly Slater (2 firsts & 1 second) = 38,950 points
  2. Mick Fanning (1 second & 3 thirds) = 37,900 points
  3. Joel Parkinson (1 first, 1 second & 1 third) = 30,700 points
  4. Jordy Smith (1 first, 1 third & 1 fifth) = 29,200 points
  5. Taj Burrow (1 third & 2 fifths) = 25,400 points

As most World Tour fanatics know, Trestles is the beginning of numerous back-to-back events, so it’s a critical time of the year. With just over half of the 2013 campaign in the books, a decent result at the Hurley Pro can give guys an important confidence boot that can propel them into the back-end of the Tour.

The Punters: Kelly ($3), Mick ($7), John John ($9), Joel ($9), Jordy ($11), and Taj ($15)

You wouldn’t be flabbergasted to see anyone of these guys take out the Hurley Pro, just because it clearly suits them all; in saying that, it’s going to take a monumental effort to beat the inform Kelly Slater (is he ever really out of form?).

With one win and a second from the last three events, it’s well known that the 41-year old, (who continues to defy the laws of age), loves the technical wave style at Trestles. The dynamic walls allows a surfer to dominate the wave through heavy maneuvers and a balletic flow; so reading the wave is vital, hence why Kelly already has the upper hand. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that Slater has experienced victory a astonishing 6 times at Trestles throughout his career? Including the Hurley Pro in 2010, 2011, and 2012? Yep, so watch out.

I’m also expecting a big showing from Fanning. Mick is the only surfer inside the top 4 without a first next to his name, and the last guy to win at Trestles (2009) besides Kelly. It’s no secret that the two times World Champion has been the recipient of a few unfortunately swell lulls throughout some heats this year. But with 4 events remaining, Fanning is visibly winning the consistency battle with his worst results being two fifth place finishes (Bells Beach, Australia & Keramas, Indonesia). We all know Mick; his inspiring work ethic and relentless training routine – add that in with his raw surfing talent, and it’s not difficult to understand why Fanning’s been in the ‘top class’ surfing category for so long. Just like in any sport, the second half of the season illustrations the quality of conditioning amongst athletes – who has put in that extra effort in-between events? Who has had the necessary disciplines in place? Who has looked after themselves from the start and during the offseason? Basically, who wants it the most? Mick’s hash training will pay off over the next 4 stops; other surfers on the World Tour should be concerned that Fanning is yet to win an event thus far.

Wildcards: Mitch Crews and Dane Reynolds (Dane has broken his had and it’s uncertain if he will compete or not).

Injuries: Owen Wright and Dusty Payne are unable to surf because of injury. Yadin Nicol and Ian Crane have taken their spots.

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