Saturday 24 March 2018 / 11:43 AM

‘World first’ underwater Hole in 1

The Aussie lads from How Ridiculous have kept us sporadically entertained for a couple of years now with their impressive feats and trick shots in the basketball, football, rugby, tennis and bowling spheres, often incorporating water into their antics.

But they’ve garnered worldwide attention and news airtime for their latest effort – a self-proclaimed ‘world first’ underwater Hole in 1.

Setting up on the beach at beautiful Busselton in Western Australia with multiple GoPros at the ready, a textbook chip shot floated into the (admittedly sizeable) ‘hole’ – a paint bucket.

It’s not all about mucking around with sports equipment all day, though. How Ridiculous, brandishing the slogan ‘Live Selflessly Give Generously’, are doing it all for a good cause, raising money for children in poverty via the Compassion Australia charity.

[YouTube – How Ridiculous]

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