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Woody’s Weekly Scoop: September 26

Each week there are countless sporting videos, photos, GIFs, memes, highlights and lowlights that make you laugh and cry; it can be difficult to catch them all. My job is to bring you some of the more entertaining, past and present, sporting moments that I’ve stumbled across in the last week. Enjoy.

Porsche Crash

During a stage of the Hellendoorn Rally in the Netherlands, two drivers escape injury after their Porsche rally car smashed into a barrier and flipped into a river. It is believed that driver Harry Kleinjan was late when braking around the corner.

John Morris Is An Idiot

If you go to the 3:20 mark and watch, you will see possibly the stupidest play in Rugby League history; yes it’s up there with John Hopoates’ ‘Chocolate Fingers’, but not quite as idiotic as ex-NRL player Anthony Watt’s and his ‘Penis Bite’. It was just two weeks ago that Morris was crowned a hero for his try-saving, game-winning tackle on Kane Linnett vs. the Cowboys; how quickly things can change. Playoffs and Finals make or break athletes’ careers – they are the defining moments, and class gets associated with players who can perform on the important stages. Any club with half a brain should stay well clear of Morris in the future, clearly he cannot think logically under pressure. Did he get a tackle statistic for this? I don’t see why not, it was a perfect tackle.

A-Rod Breaks Grand Slam Record

Doesn’t matter whether you love him or hate him, trust him or don’t trust him, Alex Rodriguez connected with a pitch that landed him 1st on baseball’s all-time grand slam list (for people who don’t know -a grand slam is hitting a home run with the bases loaded). During the Yankees 5-1 victory over San Francisco, A-Rod netted his 24th grand slam in the seventh inning. A-Rod admitted to using steroids in 2001-2003. Now on a separate case, A-Rod has been suspended by the MLB for 211 games for the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs; but is currently appealing the ban, which allows him to play (stupid, I know).

AFL Grand Final

Michael Walters’ high-flying acrobatics helped secure Fremantle’s first ever spot in an AFL Grand Final. This Saturday (28th September, 2:30pm), the Hawthorn Football Club will take on the Fremantle Dockers in the 2013 AFL Grand Final at the MCG, be sure you tune in.

Preseason or Stanley Cup?

With the NHL season kicking off next Wednesday (October 2nd), teams have been going toe-to-toe during some preseason match-ups. One in particular has caught everyone’s eye. The Toronto Maple Leafs hosted the Buffalo Sabres and came out with a 5-3 victory, but some say it was ‘marred’ by the massive brawl that took place. 42 penalties and 249 penalty minutes were handed out during the game. I think they meant ‘made’ not ‘marred’ – Lets hope this is a sign of things to come.

The Fail Mary One Year Later – NFL

It was the last game that the replacement referees would see. I don’t know what is more pathetic, the call or the fact that he wrote a book.

Top 5 ‘Crazy Cards’ Of All Time: Rugby Union

After Bismarck was sanctioned for a perfect hit on Dan Carter, the guys at Rugby HQ put together a compilation of the worst card decisions in recent times.


Shaqramento Not Sacramento

In the early 2000’s, the Los Angeles Lakers and Sacramento Kings formed a classic rivalry through some of their epic playoff duels. Throughout these playoff series, the major problems that Sacramento had was trying to control dominant big man Shaquille O’Neal and young superstar Kobe Bryant. Shaq has always spoken his mind, and year-after-year we are blessed with numerous, comedic quotes that we will never get old. Perhaps the most famous of all came in 2002 after a hectic, game-seven win in the Western Conference Finals. The Lakers defeated the Kings to advance to the NBA Finals; Game 7 consisted of 16 ties and 19 lead changes. Following the game Shaq branded the Kings as the “Sacramento Queens”. In a hilarious turn of events, Shaq is now a part owner of the struggling Sacramento Franchise, and has renamed the city “Shaqramento”. More than 10 year’s later Shaq owns a slice of the team and is still mocking the city. Awesome.


Cristiano Ronaldo – This Guy Is A Freak

Below is his recent back-heel in Real Madrid 4-1 victory over Getafe – Pure skill. That goal takes his tally to 207 goals in 204 games. Yes you read that correctly, 207 goals in just 204 matches. An impressive feat, so incredible that the Portuguese star is now being considered as Real Madrid’s finest ever. Did I mention that he also nailed at hat-trick (his 21st) in the Champions League last week? He is definitely worth his weekly wage of £288,000 (that’s after tax too). If you enjoy a good old fashion YouTube adventure, check out some of Ronaldo’s top goals, they are epic.


NRL Top 10 Hits Of The 2013 Regular Season

As we sit and patiently wait for the preliminary finals this weekend, lets hope there are a few more bell ringers before the season ends.

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