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Woody’s Weekly Scoop: November 8

Each week there are countless sporting videos, photos, GIFs, memes, highlights and lowlights that make you laugh and cry; it can be difficult to catch them all. My job is to bring you some of the more entertaining, past and present, sporting moments that I’ve stumbled across in the last week. Enjoy.

Ron Burgundy – Melbourne Cup Message

Ron Burgundy recorded a message for Australia days before the Melbourne Cup.

Idaho Sportscaster Does A Perfect Ron Burgundy

Idaho sports director Paul Gerke dresses up for Halloween and does his sport segment as Ron Burgundy. Watch it until the end; it only gets better.

Victor Oladipo – 360 Dunk

When the Brooklyn Nets (predicted to finish in the top seven) took on the Orlando Magic (predicted to finish in the bottom three) a few days back, 21-year-old rookie Victor Oladipo pulled of this sensational 360 dunk. The number 2 overall draft pick has been turning heads thanks to his impressive perimeter defense and his remarkable athleticism.


Asmir Begovic – Goal vs. Southampton

You might have seen this heading and thought, ‘Ahh another football goal’ – well you are right. Except Asmir is the Stoke goalkeeper. Just 12 seconds into the match Asmir casually sent the ball down the field, no one expected what happened next. The two defenders left it for the keeper who was off his line; combine that with a wicked bounce and you have the fifth goalkeeper to score a goal in the Premier League era. Paul Smith was the record holder; in 2007 he scored 23 seconds into a match between Nottingham Forest and Leicester.


Giovani Bernard – Crazy, Crazy Touchdown

In the recent NFL Draft, the Cincinnati Bengals selected running back Giovani Bernard. Bernard and the Bengals took on the Miami Dolphins over the weekend and the rookie scored the game’s last 14 points to force overtime. The Bengals didn’t grab the win, but Bernard completed the match with 79 yards on nine carries, along with 2 TD’s. It was his epic TD early in the fourth that excited onlookers; Giovani broke about 6 tackles on the way to a 35-yard touchdown.



Javonte Douglas – This Is Just Stupid!

Javonte sucked the gravity right out of the gym. He’s a sophomore…


Brodie Smith – Frisbee Speed Boat Trick Shot

Brodie Smith is on the USA Ultimate National team, and has made a name for himself by performing some pretty amazing Frisbee trick shots. This one is old but he only recently posted it. It took just three attempts to nail.

Kenny Smith – Mocks Chris Webber, Hardcore

On Tuesday nights TNT half-time show between the Bull and the Heat, Chris Webber filled in for Kenny Smith. Smith has a segment where he runs up to the screen and breaks down some plays from the first half. While Webber sat in, he did Kenny’s bit; mocking how Smith jogs to the screen – Kenny has an obvious limp in his step.


A few nights later when Kenny was back, the team showed a replay of the video. When Smith did his segment next, he limped up and turned around and called a “TIMEOUT!”. To the non-basketball fan this might seem harmless; it’s actually the lowest of low blows. In 1993 NCAA championship game, Chris called the infamous ‘timeout’. Chris was involved in the Fab Five (if you haven’t seen the ESPN 30 for 30, you must). The University of Michigan men’s basketball team (Fab Five) consisted of Jimmy King, Jalen Rose, Ray Jackson, Juwan Howard and Chris Webber. They were dominant bunch of players that were classed as rebels for their hostile and arrogant style; they became more than famous. Chris’s timeout cost them the 1993 NCAA championship – they didn’t have any timeouts left (if you call a timeout without actually having one the other team gets 2 shots at the free-throw line, plus the ball back at half way). Throughout Webber’s many years in the media, it hasn’t once been brought up, because it’s a very touchy subject. Chris Webber and Jalen Rose don’t speak anymore.


Fab Five ESPN 30 For 30 – Must See

Before filming the documentary, Jalen Rose got the all clear from each member of the Fab Five. Once production began, Chris Webber separated himself from the group and didn’t participate in the film.


Capitals vs. Flyers – Ray Emery and Braden Holtby Fight

In the third period Joel Ward reached a hat trick to put the Washington Capitals up 7-0. Being humiliated at home didn’t sit well with the Philadelphia Flyers, and they acted accordingly, letting their fans know they were embossed too – they started a massive fight. Wayne Simmonds and Tom Wilson went at it; then things got awesomely out of control – a goalie fight followed by a full line brawl. 64 minutes of penalties were dished out.

Davone Bess – Smooth Step

Bess, wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns, put on a perfect step to make Baltimore Ravens corner, Lardarius Webb, hit the deck on the 20-yard line. Doesn’t get much better than this.



Kevin Love – Tough Shot And High-Fives Spike Lee

All-Star, Kevin Love, banks in this ridiculous shot while trying to make contact with Pablo Prigioni to get the foul. The level of difficulty on this bucket is through the roof.

Hugo Lloris – Had A Right To Stay Down

A few days back Everton striker Romelu Lukaku, accidently made contact with the head of Tottenham keeper Hugo Lloris, knocking him out cold. There has been an enormous uproar in Europe over how the Spurs club doctor (Shabaaz Mughal) and physio (Geoff Scott) left Hugo on the pitch after the collision. They should see a State of Origin game.

Ryan McDonagh – Puts Corey Perry Into Rangers Bench

New York Ranger, Ryan McDonagh, puts Corey Perry into his team bench, not once, but twice!

Dickhead Of The Week – LeBron James

When the Miami Heat travelled to Toronto to play the Raptors, LeBron (as usual) posted an impressive stat line (35 Pts, 8 Rebs, 8 Asts) to secure the road win. LeBron’s performance wasn’t the only noteworthy moment from the night; there were two others. LeBron is currently on a streak for successive games in which he has posted up 10 or more points. The 35-point night was his 500th consecutive game; a feat that started in 2007, January 5. There are only four other players to achieve this record:

  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Two streaks, 787 and 508
  • Michael Jordan: 866
  • Karl Malone: 575
  • Moses Malone: 526

In the fourth quarter, about 1:44 left, when the game was sealed, LeBron dribbled the ball over half court to begin their offense. Just before James initiated Miami’s first offensive sequence, he performance a little (egotistical) two-step dance; the crowd unleashed, and had every right to.

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