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Woody’s Weekly Scoop: November 22

Each week there are countless sporting videos, photos, GIFs, memes, highlights and lowlights that make you laugh and cry; it can be difficult to catch them all. My job is to bring you some of the more entertaining, past and present, sporting moments that I’ve stumbled across in the last week. Enjoy.

Cristiano Ronaldo – Hat Trick…Again

The final teams to qualify for the FIFA World Cup were decided at the beginning of this week. One game that took place was a match up between Portugal and Sweden; in other words Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Zlatan Ibrahimovic. This was the second game of two legs. Portugal won the first game at home 1-0 off a Ronaldo diving header, meaning Sweden needed to win 2-0 to advance and send Portugal packing, or 1-0 to force extra time. Swedish forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic is known for his beaming arrogance and for having an unusual fixation with himself. Before the game Zlatan was talking an unbelievable amount of smack; every time these two meet it’s billed as the ‘clash of the titans’. They met in the 2009 Champions League in round 16, and over the two-legs Ronaldo demonstrated his classed and showed exactly why Ibrahimovic shouldn’t even be mention in the same breathe as Ronaldo or Lionel Messi.


In this battle it was 0-0 at the break, then the second half happened. Portugal went up 1-0 (2-0 on aggregate) meaning Sweden needed to score three goals; Zlatan answered back by scoring two goals, needing one more to progress. Ronaldo quickly went to work firing back with two more of his own, to cap off a hat trick; this meant Sweden needed to score five in total – it didn’t happen. Ronaldo scored all four goals over the two legs, and his second game was arguably one of his greatest career performances. He has scored three hat tricks in his last six matches, and is now joints leading scorer for Portugal with 47 goals. Zlatan also gets our dickhead of the week. After the match he said, “One things for sure; a World Cup without me is not worth watching – so it’s not worth waiting for it’”. Sweden are debating that it’s unfair that teams like New Zealand are in the World Cup and significant sides like them have to miss out; a valid argument.

But if Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal had missed out, I assure you football fans around the world would have rioted. Shut up Zlatan.


Amar’e Stoudemire – Defending

In 2010 Stoudemire inked a deal with the New York Knicks; about $100 million guaranteed (ridiculous!). Not only was this way too much money for the injury prone forward, but also his contact wasn’t insured. There is normally an insurance provider on a contract, and before they agree to cover the deal, the player requires a physical exam and the team doctor is given access to preexisting medial records. Stoudemire’s history was that bad the insurance provider backed out of the deal, making his contact a huge financial liability; teams with large bank accounts would be the only ones to continue on with an uninsured negotiation. The Knicks rolled with it and consequently, now Amar’e is untradeable. In Stoudemire’s first season with NYC he was in the MVP race – well for the first half of the campaign. Then unfortunately he was struck down by injuries, and that’s been the story of his life ever since. When at the top of his game, Amar’e was still a burden on defense, but due to his offensive capabilities that was swept under the rug. I still believe Stoudemire can get healthy and make a difference on this struggling Knicks side; but not when you play pathetic defense like this.

Tony Picard: 400 Pound (181kg) Running Back

Meet Tony “Big Tone” Picard; the 6-foot-5, 181kg running back at White Swan High in Washington. Their coach says it takes five players to stop him and because of that they are averaging 450 yards a game offensively.


Corey Parker – Flick Pass

For anyone who has forgotten (which is most people), the Rugby League World Cup is on over in Europe. Four, quarter final matches are now completed; one of them was Australia’s 62-0 drumming of the United States. Both Brett Morris and Jarryd Hayne notched up four tries each, but the play of the day was this gem from Corey Parker – even if it wasn’t meant for Hayne. The Kangaroos take on Fiji in semi-final number two at 1:30am on Saturday morning; (Semi-final number one: NZ vs. ENG Friday 11:00pm).

Jason Babin – Pulls Out Andre Ellington’s Hair

When the Cardinals took on the Jacksonville Jaguars last weekend, Jason Babin tackled running back, Andre Ellington, by his hair; which is fully legal. After the game Ellington tweeted, ‘Hair is all good. Nothing serious. Look worse that it really was. S/o to the dread heads! Will get it stitched back in. Birdgang got the win!’.



Michigan State Crowd Tricks Opponent

Michigan State on two separate occasions fooled the Lions into a shot clock violations – this is hilarious.


Two Epic Display Of Sportsmanship

In Saudi Arabia two players showed a great level of sportsmanship. First was Al Ittihad who tied up the opposing goalkeepers shoelace. It’s awesome to see stuff like this, like when Mario Chambers in the NBA Finals went and helped up Tim Duncan (a legend of the sport); I’d never seen Chambers do anything that remotely resembles good sportsmanship. But it ruins it when a referee is a dumb ass and rewards a free kick against the keeper for time wasting, because he shook the players had afterwards as a thank-you. The second display was from Leandro Bonfim (who took the free kick); he shanked the ball out of bounds on purpose to prove a point to the umpires.


Roll Belly Roll!

Brandon Mebane, a defensive tackle for the Seattle Seahawks, made a great play during their match against the Minnesota Vikings last weekend. Mebane broke the offensive line and forced QB Christian Ponder to throw the ball away; he celebrated the best way he knows how.


Nazem Kadri – Suspended For Three Games

Nazem Kadri collided with Minnesota’s goalie Niklas Backstrom and has received a three-match ban – the suspension will cost Kadri $44,615.


NBA Sounds Of The Game

It’s always great to scope out the coaches and players interaction during games. It’s awesome how half of them have lost their voice already – we are only three weeks into the season.

This Referee Is Just An Idiot For Not Awarding A Red Card


Greg Inglis

I mentioned the Rugby League World Cup before, but I left out that Billy Slater suffered a knee injury in that game against the USA. This means that Greg Inglis will be shifted to fullback for their upcoming semi final versus Fiji. Inglis is a dominant force anywhere on the park, but hes really has come into his own after the recent shift to fullback at club level. Sucked in NSW!

LeSean McCoy

Over the weekend the Eagles hosted the Washington Redskins and all some of their fans. A few travelling supporters were waving their banner in LeSean McCoy face while he was interacting with some Philadelphia fanatics in the front row. What would you do in that situation? Exactly what McCoy did; grab the flag, throw it on the ground, and walk away. I bet they don’t do that again.


Rajon Rondo – Shocked

Rondo is the Celtics point guard, and no doubt is one of the best in the league; he’s currently coming back from a knee reconstruction. In the offseason Boston traded away every good player bar Rondo, which left NBA enthusiasts under the impression that Boston are tanking in an effort to nab a high pick in the NBA draft – the talent in the next NBA draft is through the roof. In the video below, during their loss to the Rockets, Rondo was given the stats sheet late in the game – he was shocked. Maybe it was Avery Bradley’s 5/22 or the fact that they shot 32 percent on the night.


Jack Taylor

As member of the Grinnell College basketball team, Jack posted a whooping 109 points to defeat Crossroads College. Taylor went 35/70 FG’s, 24/48 from behind the arc, and 15/17 at the charity strike. This isn’t the first time Jack’s been in the news for a high scoring game. In their season opener he dropped 71 points, but the most impressive came last season when he tallied up a crazy 138 points in a single game!!!

Jon Gruden – GoPro

Jon Gruden, former NFL head coach and current ESPN analyst, joined up with the guys at GoPro for a new TV commercial. “That’s Football Right There!” If you don’t like Jon you don’t like football.


Russell Westbrook and Andre Iguodala – Slow Motion

Last week the Golden State Warriors hosted the Oklahoma City Thunder. Late in the game Russell Westbrook drained a deep three to put his team up by one with 2.3 seconds left. But Andre Iguodala had the final say.

Have an epic weekend!

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