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Woody’s Weekly Scoop: Nov 1

Each week there are countless sporting videos, photos, GIFs, memes, highlights and lowlights that make you laugh and cry; it can be difficult to catch them all. My job is to bring you some of the more entertaining, past and present, sporting moments that I’ve stumbled across in the last week. Enjoy.

Big Wave Surfing – Real Big, Record Breaking Big

Only a few days back off the coast of Portugal at Praia do Norte, St Jude’s gale produced some of the biggest waves ever; and some brave individuals went out! It’s believed that a Brazilian named Carlos Burle managed to ride the biggest wave in history; bystanders estimated the wave was 100-foot tall, but other reports are measuring it at 78-foot. While that feat is impressive enough, it wasn’t the only climax of Burle’s day. Moments before being towed in to this monster wave, Carlos saved the life of fellow friend, Maya Gabriera. Both were surfing when Maya fell and broke her ankle. The heavy white wash knocked Maya out and she went missing for five minutes. Carlos franticly looked for Maya and had success thanks to the specialized life jacket keeping her afloat. Carlos ditched his ski, grabbed hold of her, and said his plan was to not let go. They pair made it to the beach and Carlos instantly performance CPR and Maya began breathing. Why not celebrate by breaking a world record?


Red Sox – World Champions

After an epic postseason the Boston Red Sox have claimed their third World Series in 10 years, downing the St Louis Cardinals 4-2. I’m a New York Yankees fan, and I still wanted these guys to win. It’s difficult not to like this bunch of guys, it’s not the most talented group players the Sox have one the title with, but they sure have more heart than the others. The Sox 2012 season was woeful, finishing last in their division and losing 93 games! Way to bounce back. David Ortiz (Big Papi), who has featured on Woody’s Scoop a few times, was named World Series MVP for his outrageous display of excellence; a batting average of .688, 11 from 16, 2 home runs, 6 RBIs (Runs Batted In) and 8 walks; Papi also reached base in 9 consecutive at bats. The 37-year old was so zoned in that if he got out, it was unusual.

The difference between winning and losing the World Series.





Luis Suarez – Epic Header

Luis plays for English Premier League side Liverpool and put on a clinic against West Brom at Anfield a few days back. The 26-year old Uruguayan netted 3 goals in their 4-1 victory; two of his three were extremely impressive, but his second headed goal takes the cake. Suarez nailed a cross on the edge of the penalty box. The skill and precision required to head the ball from that distance, with the necessary power and curve to beat the keeper, is truly remarkable; the edge of the penalty box is 16.5 metres (54-foot). Whether it’s for incredible displays of brilliance or senseless brain-snaps, the young striker always seems to be in the headlines. In 2011 Suarez was suspended for 8 games and fined £40,000 for racial abusing Manchester United’s Patrice Evra, and just last April Suarez accepted a 10-match ban for biting Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic. His aptitude on the pitch in undeniable, hence Liverpool’s £55 million price tag on him. Check out his hat-trick below, the headed goal is at the 50-second mark. Might need to practice his celebrations though…



Epic Header!



Not that there’s anything wrong with it!



Sonny Bill Williams – HE’S HUMAN AFTER ALL!


The Rugby League World Cup kicked off over the weekend and New Zealand’s first outing was against Samoa. Even though they got the win 42-24, Sonny Bill’s skill was on show as he broke the line; but then proved he’s human after all.


Epic Intercept

Safety Devin McCourty and Marquice Cole teamed up for an awesome interception.






Saad Al Fadhli – Red, Red Red

Some football players are known for taking dives and others for constantly whining about ever decision made by a referee. Last week after referee Saad Al Fadhli awarded a debatable penalty, a few players started acting in an aggressive manner towards the main umpire. Saad decided that things were getting a little out of control and took matters into his own hands; decking one player and then kicking another. After the scuffle died down, a myriad of red cards were handed out.



Uncle Drew: Chapter 3

Kyrie Irving, who is the face of and point guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers, teamed up with Pepsi Max just over a year ago for a promotional campaign. The Australian-American who was born in Melbourne (and is only 22-years old!) has turned heads since entering the NBA in 2011. In this campaign with Pepsi Max, Kyrie dresses up as an old, old man and hits a few street basketball courts in a casual outfit that matches the age he’s acting. There are three installments and throughout each one “Uncle Drew” and friends join in on above-par pick-up games in New Jersey, Los Angeles and Chicago – this latest one is set in Chicago. Basically they play dumb for a while, and just as the crowd begins to tease them they school these “young bloods”. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen Chapters 1 or 2; just check them out after they are really awesome ads.



Arturo Vidal – What The Hell?

This is why some people really hate football (or soccer who cares what you call it). When Real Madrid and Juventus went head-to-head during the Champions League, Arturo Vidal went to cross the ball but instead, seemingly unleashed on the dirt; then the absurd dive followed and then a plea for a penalty. The video says it all. Come on man!


Joao Rodrigo Silva Santos

Just watch. All you need to do is watch.


Cordarrelle Patterson – Record Breaking Touchdown

On Sunday Night Football, the horrible Minnesota Vikings took on an injury riddled Green Bay Packers. Unfortunately they didn’t have much luck, but onlookers would have though otherwise when Patterson returned the opening kickoff for a 109 yards touchdown; record breaking stuff. Jacoby Jones previously held the record for longest touchdown at 108 yards, in Super Bowl XLVII.



Monkey Extra Point Double Fake Trick Play

High schools love unique trick plays, and Oregon High School has pulled off an awesome one.


Thierry Henry – Has Still Got It

Thierry Henry, at the rip age of 36, scored this stunner for the New York Red Bulls. Showing fans a glimpse of the young Henry.

Golden Tate – Dickhead Of The Week

The award for dickhead of the week goes to the Seattle Seahawks receiver Golden Tate. Over the last few seasons the NFL has cracked down on taunting, full well knowing this, Tate proceeded with these actions and was consequently flagged on the play. The 80-yard touchdown was epic enough, waving his hands at the St Louis Rams safety Rodney McLeod, was totally unnecessary and stupid. The TD only gave his team a 14-6 lead; the Seahawks were tipped to completely destroy the Rams so their under-par performance was nothing to boast about. The Rams nearly stole the game too; they were stopped on a 4th and goal, on the 1-yard line, on the last play of the game.


Golden Tate1


Dez Bryant – One Handed Touchdown

Dez Bryant, a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, took a one-handed touchdown on his should and helmet while covered.


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