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Woody’s Weekly Scoop: January 10

Each week there are countless sporting videos, photos, GIFs, memes, highlights and lowlights that make you laugh and cry; it can be difficult to catch them all. My job is to bring you some of the more entertaining, past and present, sporting moments that I’ve stumbled across in the last week.


Anderson Silva – Broken Leg

As it’s been 2-3 weeks since the last scoop, there was a lot great content to riffle through; choosing which piece of news to start this article off was a no-brainer though. Eleven days ago UFC 168 was held in Las Vegas, and a match between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman was scheduled. What no one predicted was the horrific leg injury to Silva.

Brutal, utterly brutal. Reports are saying that Silva is determined to fight again. A recent tweet from Silva, “Thank you very much for all the affection, I’m gonna be good I promise you that I will be”.

In my eyes it’s the worst “sport” injury from 2013. Well, only if you are one of those people who actually consider the Ultimate Fighting Championship, which should be called the Ultimate Human Cockfighting Championship, a “sport”.

In all honesty, there is absolutely zilch (NOT A SINGLE THING) about UFC, boxing, or any other “sport” categorised as fighting, which interests me. I don’t mean to offend anyone and I apologies if I do, but in my opinion it’s a woeful, mind-numbing “sport”.

I mean, what’s amusing or entertaining about witnessing MMA fighter, Andy Eichholz, get his face totally demolished; so wrecked that he woke up looking like this?



Piers Morgan Face Brett Lee

The Ashes ended last week with the English cricketers being thrashed 5-0. Piers Morgan, an English TV host, extended a challenge to Brett Lee via Twitter – this involved Morgan padding up and facing 6 Brett Lee balls in the nets. The whole dispute came about as Morgan was seeking to prove a point after savagely critiquing the English batsman for their below-par performances on the offensive end against Mitchell Johnson – Brett Lee was merely caught in the middle by suggesting, “It’s not that simple”; if it wasn’t for Morgan’s persistent arrogance, the stunt would not have taken place. The 37-year old, Lee, hit Morgan 4 times, handing him a broken rib, cracked wrist and a bouncer to the back of the head.



Sporting Montage – Iconic Moments From 2013

This video is awesome. If you’re like me, and you religiously follow American sports, this is a must watch. 2013 was a solid sporting year all over the world, but particularly in the States. From Ray Allen’s heart breaking corner three, to the Raven’s amazing run to the Super Bowl, to Big Papi’s grand slam in the World Series, and the Blackhawks Stanley Cup victory; it was an unforgettable year full of iconic moments and performances!

Ronaldinho – Still Got It + Love From A Fan

Ronaldinho showed the world in the FIFA Club World Cup that he still has that special touch from free kicks. After the a footballing legend bent a perfect free kick passed the goal keeper, one fan was seemingly overloaded with happiness; it looks like she experienced a handful of different emotions throughout this short celebration.




I wonder how she took it when they lost?


Jordan Silk – Catch Of The Year?

The Big Bash League is no doubt trying to capitalise on Australia’s recent Ashes triumph in an effort to grow the T20 competition. With catches like this from Jordan Silk, the BBL soon won’t need to rely on others’ success to promote their league.

LeBron James Leaves Skid Mark

Yeah, LeBron James, the 29-year old, 6 foot 8, 113kg monster was going so fast that when he tried to stop he slipped and a left skid mark.



Would suck being rookie Ben McLemore.

Watch your head.



Packers Fan Has Meltdown

In sport there are several types of fans. Ones who stick by their side way past the point of being bias, those who simply go for the team at the top and normally leave a game early if their side isn’t winning (i.e. bandwagon fans or just Miami Heat supporters). Then there are those fanatics that don’t accept losing, like this Packers fan who had a temper tantrum after their 23-20 loss to the 49ers over the weekend.

Guilherme Finkler – Goal Of Year + Violence

Guilherme Finkler, a 28-year old Brazilian, produced a spectacular goal to snatch a late 1-1- draw when the Melbourne Victory took on the Western Sydney Wanderers just before the New Year. Unfortunately though his brilliant strike has been marred but the needless fan violence that took place before the match; one hospitalized, four injured and two arrested. Football Federation Australia has acted swiftly by charging both clubs for bringing the game into disrepute. Additionally they’ve warned clubs that premiership points will be stripped if the reckless behaviour continues.


Philip Rivers – Victory Song & Dance

Ahh Philip Rivers, is there anyone in the NFL who treasures a victory more? I don’t think so, this will be the QB’s third or fourth appearance on the scoop – every apearance has involved a celebration of some sort. Rivers led the San Diego Chargers chant after they went into Cincinnati and dismantled the Bengals.

Luis Suarez – Dammit

Again, Luis keeps making it onto the scoop. He is arguably the most hated athlete on the planet, but he keeps pulling off these ridiculously plays.


The New York Knicks

The poor Knicks, they sit fourth in their division with a miserable 12-22 record. They take on the two time defending champion Miami Heat today, and their top player, Carmelo Anthony, desperately wants out of NYC. Number’s 4 and 5 pretty much sum up their season.

Corey Anderson – Fastest One-Day International Century

Cricket seems to be the flavour of the month. The 23-year old New Zealand international went to town on the West Indies; slogging out a century in just 6 overs (36 balls)! The all-rounder finished the day on an unbeaten 131 which included 15 sixes. Shahid Afridi of Pakistan was the former holder, which he achieved in 1996 off 37 balls.



Any use for the pads and helmets? LaRoy Reynolds doesn’t think so.   



What NOT to do when a teammate is concussed.


Aaron Rodgers was hit, but as the ball went past the line of scrimmage it’s play on, so this touchdown is quite unusual.



Maccabi Tel Aviv’s Barak Itzhaki – Bicycle Kick

Yep that is his name! This is truly an epic goal; the level of difficulty is through the roof. Accuracy, the finish, his timing, you name it – Itzhaki masters all of them. This steered his Israeli Premier League side to victory and pushed them 6-points clear in the standings.


Kevin Durant – Drops Season High, Twice

The one-two punch of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook has become one of the most lethal in the NBA. Kevin Durant is the second best player in the NBA right now, and Westbrook is easily in the top 8-10 rankings; these two guys are the leaders of the Thunder franchise. With Westbrook forced to have another stint on the sidelines, Oklahoma must look elsewhere for his 21.3 points a contest. So there who will provide that?

Durant has scored a season-high (for all players) 48-points twice in the Thunder’s last three outings. This guy is a stud!

Shane Dorian – Ride Of The Year Entry

A few days back a huge swell (thanks to a stormed named Hercules), hit the south-west coast of France. Big wave surfer Shane Dorian paddled into this monster and was rewarded for his efforts by receiving an entry into the 2014 Billabong Global Big Wave Awards.

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