Saturday 24 February 2018 / 05:08 AM

Senior citizen pummels young boxer

Sportspeople remaining competitive until well after the age most usually retire is not a new phenomenon.

Brad Thorn is set to play top-level rugby union in England past his 40th birthday, while Steve Menzies was on the verge of that milestone when he finally hung up his boots in Super League last year.

Ricky Ponting was almost 38 when he retired from Test cricket; Sachin Tendulkar was 40.


In boxing, the likes of George Foreman and Larry Holmes still headlined big-time fights well past the average athlete’s use-by date.


But it’s unlikely this budding young pugilist thought he had anything to worry about when he stepped into the ring with this old-stager.


The younger boxer clearly thought it was going to be a cakewalk against the bald-headed, woollen jumper-wearing senior citizen, but became a reluctant believer in the benefits of age and wisdom after the practice bout was halted just 25 seconds into his pummelling at the hands of the elderly. 

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