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Leading law firm raises industry standard

“THE days of the dodgy player agent are numbered. A new two-day Burgess Sport & Entertainment Agent Accreditation Scheme wraps up at Bond University today. The program has been designed to raise the level of integrity surrounding the sports agency business.” Gold Coast Bulletin, March 30, 2014.

Following the success of its program launch, leading Australian law firm Burgess Sport & Entertainment Law (BSE) will be launching its elite athlete and entertainment talent management course in Sydney and Melbourne this August.

A passion for sports drove BSE AAS founder Matt Burgess to develop the program as he sought to provide both talent and agents with the tools to maximise their potential, both on and off the field and stage.

In what is an Australian first, BSE has developed a sports and entertainment accreditation program as it seeks to establish clear industry standards for the country’s talent management industry. Financial planning, tax advice, sponsorship, brand management and public relations are all covered, as is contract law, post-career development and advice on the business of sport and entertainment.

According to Mr. Burgess, this breadth of topics and subjects is critical as it seeks to equip both talent and their representatives with a range of information to use when developing their careers.

“As someone who is passionate about sports and entertainment, I have sought to provide, through the program, relevant topics, presented by experts, to ensure that we are creating a benchmark course for the Australian sports and talent management industry,” Mr. Burgess said.

“We have aimed to provide participants the tools to develop their careers, manage and understand their finances and assess basic legal risk – with the chief aim being to maximise their professional and personal development.”

The BSE AAS program is a two-day intensive course delivered in six modules by experts presenting participants with in-depth, practical advice relating to their respective areas, which are critical to their on-field and off-field success. Participants must then complete an online exam for each module. Participants that achieve accreditation will be bound by a code of conduct.

Interest in the program has been extremely high following the first-ever session held at Queensland’s Bond University on the 28thand 29th ofMarch. Courses will be held in Sydney and Melbourne on the following dates:


Time and Date: 9am – 4pm Friday, 22 August and Saturday, 23 August

?Location: University of Technology, Sydney, Seminar Boardroom CBD campus, 15 Broadway, Ultimo, NSW.

Time and Date: 9am – 4pm Friday, 29 August and Saturday, 30 August

?Location: Victoria University, Corporate Boardroom CBD campus, 300 Flinders Street, Melbourne, VIC.

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