Friday 19 January 2018 / 12:57 PM

Kiwi Trubridge’s WR freedive attempt

New Zealand freediver William Trubridge narrowly missed out on breaking his own world record in the Bahamas this week, but there’s no question the 34-year-old is one of the most remarkable athletes going around, quietly making a big name for himself in this fringe sport.

Trubridge set the current world record depth for unassisted freediving – or ‘Constant Weight without fins’ as the discipline is known – at a mind-boggling 101 metres in the Bahamas in 2010. He originally broke the world record with an 81-metre dive in 2007, and bettered his own mark 10 times in three and a half years.

He also holds the world record for ‘Free immersion’ – a discipline whereby freedivers descend and ascend only by pulling on a rope – of 121 metres.


Trubridge almost succeeded his attempt at 102 metres, reaching the depth before being forced to pull out near the end of his ascent, revealing later that he blacked out 20 metres from the surface.


This guy has serious balls, and serious lung capacity, holding his breath for more than three and a half minutes.


Watch the stunning footage below, and check Trubridge’s website for more of his unbelievable underwater action.

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