Monday 22 January 2018 / 07:11 AM

Goalie scores, other goalie cries

We all love those freakish goals from lower-tier football matches around the world – those ones that are equal parts perfect timing, extraordinary luck and baffling incompetence.

We’re not even sure what competition this one’s from, because the accompanying description is in Spanish…but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable.

The goalkeeper from one side takes a regulation goal-kick from the edge of the box and drills it downfield, and his opposite number gets his positioning just a little wrong, left clutching at air as the ball bounces over his head and into the back of his net.


Embarrassing? Yes. Worth crying over? Probably not, but this humiliated goalie is unable to control his emotions as he’s replaced and gets a Bronx cheer from the crowd. 

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