Monday 22 January 2018 / 07:02 AM

Dude Perfect at Gillette Stadium for trick shots

Imagine being given total access to an NFL stadium with four of your best mates and a crap load of cool stuff like basketballs, Frisbees, a panda driven injury cart, orange golf balls and a blow up kiddie splash pool.

Then, check out You Tube sensation Dude Perfect’s newest video filmed at Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots. They perform a number of incredible trick shots from a range of different sports.

The group are all former high school basketball standouts and flatted together during uni at Texas A&M.

Crazily enough, they first broke it big when they were betting sandwiches over trick basketball shots in the back yard and decided on the fly to film some of the shots and post them to You Tube.



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