Sunday 18 March 2018 / 01:40 AM

Childress’ three charges for gutless elbow

NBL – Sydney Kings’ international recruit Josh Childress was ejected in the third quarter after reacting to a legitimate screen by hurling a cowardly elbow at Perth Wildcats Jesse Wagstaff.

Moments before the incident, Wagstaff set a legal screen which knocked Childress to the ground – obviously he didn’t appreciate this.

As Childress finds his feel, Wagstaff receives the ball in the middle of the key and pulls up for a jumper. Childress takes a run-up and throws his elbow at the Perth forward, connecting with his neck.

The 31-year-old will face the NBL tribunal on three charges in Sydney tomorrow (Tuesday) night:

  • Striking with elbow
  • Unduly rough play
  • Bringing the game into disrepute

The Kings released this statement on Monday:

“Throughout his career, and ever since he joined the Sydney Kings, Josh Childress has shown himself to be a man of outstanding character and integrity, whose actions on Friday are in no way representative of himself nor of the organisation. The club does not condone Josh’s actions as they pertain to the clash with Jesse Wagstaff. However, the club also feels that it is very important to ensure that the incident is not dealt with in a purely isolated manner and that all factors leading up to the incident are taken into consideration.”


Josh has since apologies on his Twitter account:

(Sydney Morning Herald)

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