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As Team USA rolled onward in their quest for another gold, one casualty along the way was Spurs vet and Argentine legend Manu Ginobli. The Americans routed Argentina 105-78 in the quarters, and the win overshadowed the fact Manu has now played his final game for his nation.

Manu has had an illustrious career at international level, leading Argentina to the 2004 Gold Medal – a win that was thought to have legitimized international competition after years of United States domination. Manu has kept his team competitive, playing 29 games in his Olympic career and winning a bronze medal in 2008 to hang with his gold.

Manu played for the national team for twenty years, and left with an emotional speech. In 2020, twenty years of legacy will not follow Argentina onto the floor.

[YouTube – Bob Chipezka]

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