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Saturday’s 3-3 draw between West Ham and Arsenal made for a fantastic spectacle.

I loved it.

But I also think that it’s ample evidence of the fact that Arsene Wenger should move upstairs at the Emirates this summer.

Forgetting for a second that the Gunners let a 2-0 lead lapse, we must look at the bigger picture – Arsenal’s defence is what has let them down time and time again over this season, and so many before it.

The collapse wasn’t a surprise, it was an inevitability.

One of the things that used to mark Sir Alex Ferguson out as one of the greats was his ability to spot a weakness in his side and swiftly remedy it.

Defence conceding too many goals? Sign Rio Ferdinand for a record fee.

Attack not scoring enough goals? Sign DimitarBerbatov for a record fee.

If you were to analyse Sir Alex’s purchases during his tenure at Old Trafford, you’d find that he didn’t always spend big. In fact, there were occasions when he was very frugal indeed. But what he did – and did very well – was buy big when he needed to.

This is something that Wenger has singularly failed to do in the last few years. And this, along with a whole load of other reasons, strongly suggests that the Frenchman’s time is up.

As much as this might make Arsenal fans cringe, let’s look at their North London neighbours Tottenham.

It’s difficult to argue that their squad is much better than Arsenal’s. And yet what is clear is that Mauricio Pochettino’s team are a side on the up; Wenger’s is a side on the wane.

What’s the difference? The manager.

Pochettino has come into Spurs with a vision, a philosophy and a way that he wants to play. It’s energetic, it’s entertaining and it’s effective.

And it works. Lest we forget, just two and a bit years ago, Spurs were struggling big-time having sold Gareth Bale, with a whole bunch of a overpaid average players acclimatising to the club.

Fast forward and they’re challenging for the Premier League. (They won’t win, but they should cement second).

What have Arsenal done in that time?  Stagnated and arguably gone backwards.

Wenger has been a fantastic manager for the Gunners. But it’s time for them to bring in their Pochettino. It’s time for them to start again.

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