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I’ll make a bold prediction.

Arsene Wenger will be managing Arsenal next season.

In case you haven’t been reading the papers, there’s all sorts of fluff and puff about the Frenchman right now.

Once again it seems certain that Arsenal will miss out on the title this season.

And once again, it seems certain that they will exit the Champions League at the last-16 stage, having been utterly embarrassed by Bayern Munich (yet again) last week.

Yet again, we see Arsenal falling short.

And you know what? I’m fairly certain that, YET AGAIN, Arsenal will finish in the Champions League places, qualify for Europe again and make the board happy again.

It happens every year. If there’s one thing that Wenger brings to Arsenal, it’s Champions League football.

And you know what else happens every year?

This furore. Furious Arsenal fans phoning in to radio talk shows to say that ‘his time has come’.

Pundits and ex-players saying that Wenger ‘has had his day’.

Media outlets all over the globe speculating about the next Arsenal manager.

It doesn’t take a great historian to work out what happens next.

Wenger stays. He signs a new contract, and he continues at Arsenal.

I don’t for a second think that this season will be any different.

Yes, Wenger is older. But he’s still only 67 – four years younger than Sir Alex Ferguson was when he retired. In the Frenchman’s eyes, there’s definitely life in the old dog yet.

That much was made obvious by his almost bullish comments this week.

Wenger stated that he will definitely be managing next season, whether it’s at Arsenal or another club.

The idea of him managing another club after two decades in North London is nothing short of absurd. Wenger IS Arsenal, and I find the prospect of him leaving to take the reins elsewhere almost amusing.

If it was up to the fans, maybe that’d happen. But it’s not. It’s up to Wenger and the board.

Over the last decade, the board have made it abundantly care that they don’t care about winning trophies.

All they care about is finishing in the top four and securing the Champions League revenue.

Deliver that, and Wenger’s seat is safe, for as long as he wants it.

And he does want it. Whatever he says, he knows he doesn’t want to manage elsewhere. So he won’t.

Bold predictions, eh? Only time will tell whether I’m correct, but I’m pretty confident I’ll be proved right come May. Let’s wait and see.

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