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Earlier this week, reports emerged that suggested that Danish international Christian Eriksen was unhappy with his pay packet at Tottenham Hotspur.

Furthermore, they indicated that he could look to move on to pastures new if he wasn’t given a better deal.

At present, the Dane is on £32,000 a week, and the reports implied that he was looking for £150,000 a week in order to stay – nearly twice what Spurs’ highest earner, captain Hugo Lloris, gets.

Following Tottenham’s 1-1 draw at Goodison Park on Saturday afternoon, Eriksen took to Twitter to combat the rumours, tweeting:

“Not the result we wanted! But still one point and great support from the fans. And don’t believe everything you read on the internet #coys”

Pretty emphatic, right?

But why would someone want to make up a rumour like this.

I’ve got a theory.

You see, when Eriksen was a youngster, he was one of football’s hottest properties.

Before he made his move to Ajax, some of the biggest clubs in Europe were after him, and even after he made his move to the Dutch giants, he was still very much in demand.

And now he’s even better. He’s blossomed at White Hart Lane, and is one of the Premier League’s most desirable players. Last year, playing slightly out of position, he was a key figure in a side that very nearly won the league; a side that finished above Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea.

Clubs want him.

But because he’s currently happy at Spurs, he isn’t that easy to attract. He’s not doing the footballer thing of publicly declaring his unrest and agitating for a move. So some agitation needs to be manufactured.

And that’s exactly what’s been going on, I believe. One of the clubs that want Eriksen has spread this spurious story in order to create some level of unrest in the Tottenham camp – some seed of doubt over Eriksen’s commitment.

If Eriksen had wanted to leave, it would have been a perfect way to do it. Thankfully for Spurs fans, he doesn’t, but his rebuttal of this latest rumour reminds us all of the danger of believing everything we read…

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