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So here we are, at one of my favourite points of the season:

Transfer time.

Don’t get me wrong, I love football. A lot.

There’s nothing like being in the stadium, the pub or the living room and watching an absorbing game between two well-matched rivals.

But I’m a bit strange in that I also love the period where there are no games on.

Why? It’s transfer saga season.

I love the speculation, the gossip, the big moves, the little moves – everything about transfers.

And with this summer transfer window set to be the biggest in living memory, I’ve got even more reason to look forward to it, and with that in mind, I thought we’d just take a look at some of the transfers the title contenders will be hoping for this summer:


What do they need?

In truth, not much. Chelsea won the league fairly comfortably in the end, and any players coming in will likely be in response to the ones going out.

With speculation rife surrounding the future of Eden Hazard and Diego Costa, Antonion Conte may well need to bring in reinforcements at centre forward and attacking midfielder, but aside from that I’d expect the Italian to keep his squad as settled as possible.


What do they need?

Some more quality squad players and a centre forward as an understudy to Harry Kane. Many fans and pundits would agree that Spurs had the best 11 in the Premier League last season, but their strength in depth, while not disastrous, was not on the level of Chelsea or Man City.

When Harry Kane was out injured, Spurs struggled up front, so whether they keep Vincent Janssen or not, it seems likely that Pochettino will bring in a striker capable of taking some of the pressure off Harry Kane.

It seems certain Kyle Walker is off to City, which means that Spurs will need a new rightback, whilst they could do with another quality central defender.


What do they need?

Guardiola has already spent big, bringing in winger Bernardo Silva and goalkeeper Ederson, and spending around £80 million in the process.

But it seems unlikely that Guardiola will finish things there. The Spaniard will be keen to bring more goals into the team, with Sergio Aguero the main outlet right now, so we could well see a big bid for a striker (Neymar perhaps?).

What is certain is that the City board will back Guardiola heavily – they’ve brought in their most desired manager, and they’ll definitely give him every possible tool to ensure he succeeds.


What do they need?

Quite a lot. After making lots of noises about being title candidates, Liverpool ended up being fairly disappointing in Jurgen Klopp’s first full season, and the German will need to do better this year.

A new striker, midfielder and centre back will all need to come in, whilst Liverpool fans all over the globe will be desperately hoping that he finally decides to GET SOMEONE WHO CAN PLAY LEFTBACK.


What do they need?

Another Northern club that needs rather a lot. United have spent a lot of money over the last four years, with very little to show for it.

Rather than just bringing in bodies, Mourinho will focus on bringing in quality. Should Zlatan depart, the Portuguese may well decide that Marcus Rashford is not ready to lead the line full time, so a bid for a striker may well be on the cards.

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